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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wait.... Would I change it?

I got a comment on my post A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self from an old friend who suggested that maybe I shouldn't really change the fact that I broke up with Jason in 2006.  I've thought about it a lot, and I think she's right.   He and I have actually talked about that a number of times, and I've always said that it was better we broke up, but when I get sentimental about him, I wish we hadn't.

September 06
I wish we had never broken up because our lives together could have started so much earlier.  So here's how I think it would have gone down:  We would have stayed together through both of our college graduations.  Since he would have been going to Charleston for Power School and Prototype, I would have gone to graduate school there.  In fact, he was pushing me to apply there when I broke up with him.  Considering I was accepted to all 6 schools where I applied, I think it's safe to assume I would have gone on to Charleston.  Then Jason would have gone to OCS and followed me to Charleston in Jan. of 2008.

Jason and his friend Brett after graduating from OCS
I think we would have gotten married in the Spring of 2008, in between Power School and Prototype. Then I would have to stay in Charleston to finish grad school while he went on to Sub School in Groton, CT.  I used to think maybe we would have gotten to start our family earlier, but now that I look at it all written out I can see that it wouldn't have happened.  I wouldn't have finished grad school until after he had gone on to Guam, so it basically would have been just the same.  Except I would now have my Master's and probably be a little further in student loan debt.

Me with two of my best friends on the day I graduated from Ole Miss
In the real world, we broke up and went about our lives.  Truthfully, I think that was the best thing for us.  We both got to kiss a few more toads and are much better off for it.  Yes, I said it.. I am thankful that my husband dated a few girls after me and before me again.  I'm also thankful for my toads, as crazy and ridiculous as some of them were.  I could never appreciate the wonderful man I have if I had not dated some who were less than wonderful.  (Read as: bat shit crazy)

Our first weekend back together, January of 09

So no, I don't guess I would change anything.  Our lives worked out exactly like they were supposed to.  And really, what would I be doing with that Master's degree now?  I'd still be a stay at home mommy, but with one more degree taking up precious frame space on our walls.

What hangs in the place of my Master's degree :)


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