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Friday, April 29, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #38

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1.  Have you and your spouse agreed to live in separate locations (a geographical bachelor tour) knowing that the short-term inconvenience would have long-term benefits for your family? How did it work for you? submitted by When Good People Get Together

We did this for a whole 3 months in between when Jason left for Guam (April 2009) and when I followed (July 2009).  I hated every single minute of it.  I don't see us doing a geo-bache thing unless there is just absolutely no way around it.

2.  What is your favorite thing about being a MilSpouse? submitted by Sarah Ruth Today

Oddly enough, my favorite thing is also my least favorite thing.  The community!  I love that there are Mil Spouses all over the world who know exactly what I'm going through and how I'm feeling.  At the same time, I hate that there are people who I must deal with that I wouldn't if my husband had any other job.  If Jason was a random electrical engineer for some random company, I wouldn't necessarily even know his coworkers' wives, much less have to be nice to women who are so blatantly rude to me.  Ah well, such is life.

3.  If you could still have your spouse/significant other and your family, but take the military life out of it...would you?  submitted by Trust. Love. Believe. Bake.

What a hard question!  I love our life, but I think yes, I would.  We are ourselves, completely separate from the Navy.  Also, the military isn't going anywhere for me.  I was born and raised in it, and I would have been just as big a supporter had I not married a sailor.  I would know far less about the Navy, though.. And by far less I mean absolutely nothing.

4.  What have your homecoming experiences been like after a year long tour of separation? submitted by Army Soldier, Army Wife

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much that I have not yet had to know this feeling.  Please keep it that way!  - Emily

5.  If you have a child(ren) why did you choose their name(s)? If not, why would you name your child something?  submitted by Tiara's & ACU's

I chose Katie Beth's name when I was probably 7.  I asked my Pappaw what I should name my babydoll, and he told me that if he had ever had a little girl, he wanted her name to be Katherine Elizabeth and he would call her Katie Beth.  It stuck with me hardcore.  It's even what I "named" my diary when I was 12.  Mom told me later that it's what my little brother's name would have been if he had been a girl, but I didn't know that until after we had chosen it for KB.


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