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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today's Mommy Moment

I wanted biscuits for breakfast this morning, so naturally I had to share with Katie Beth.  Being the good mommy that I am, I didn't want to give her sugary jelly to put on her biscuit, so I used her favorite puree, pears and blueberries.  I tore her biscuit into hand-held pieces, and then dipped them into the puree. Yum, yum! KB loved it. She was going to town on those biscuit pieces! Sometimes she'd eat a whole piece, and sometimes she licked the puree off, and wanted more on there.  Fine by me!  I took the container of blueberries and pears, and dipped the soggy biscuit pieces back in there for her.

Having a happy baby makes for a very happy mommy!  Especially when that baby has been a fussy eater for months.  While she was eating happily, I decided to swiffer my floors.  I looked up a few minutes later, and this is what I found:

ACK!!  I left the container of puree on her tray, and now it's EVERYWHERE!!

She's digging in with one hand, and then smearing it all over her face!

Oh well. She was happy. 


  1. YUM! wait til you use the puree in the squeeze packets. and you think, hey, im going to go pee real quick. and she has squirted pumpkin banana EVERYWHERE and looks at you with the "what? i love you...." face

  2. LOL! Ahhhh, LOVE IT! Oh well, what can you do, right? Of course she did it while you were swiffering too. Following via MFF :)

  3. She's a mess, but she's my mess :) Jess, we haven't used the squeeze packs since we've been back home, but MAN those were great for travel!


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