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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our new plan

You know that old saying about how God will laugh in the face of your plans? 

 Know who else does that? The Navy.

Our plans have changed, but I have to admit that I'm not devastated.  In fact, I don't even really mind.  Here's what happened:

Jason got back to the boat on August 3, where he met his new CO.  Old CO's Change of Command ceremony was during our vacation, so new CO has been on board for roughly a month now.  New CO says, "Hi, I hear you are one of my number one Division Officers. If I can convince you to extend X months and see the boat out of dry dock, I want to tap that resource."  (I later asked Jason if he told CO that he is my Baby Daddy, and I will also need to tap that resource.  He did, but not in my exact words.)

After much thought on both our parts, we have decided that Jason should extend this tour for yet another 3 months.  Here's why:

If Jason extends, I will not be moving back to Mississippi to have BF2.  I will stay in Hawaii with him because the threat of moving before the baby arrives is gone.  No more worrying about having to fly in my final trimester. Since that threat is gone, there is no real reason for us to have to spend 3 - 4 months apart.  This is very happy news to me for that reason, but sad news since I won't be with my family to have BF2.  In this case, however,  Husband most definitely trumps Family.

If Jason were to stick to this slate, his report date to NPS (Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA - our #1 choice for shore duty) would be March 22.  Baby is due March 17, will probably come around March 10. In that case, it would have meant even more time apart for our family because neither baby nor I would be travel ready in just 2 weeks.  That was weighing heavily on both of us.  

Also, if Jason were to stick to this slate, he would be condemning himself to a course of study in which he didn't particularly want a degree.  If he waits until the next slate, his area of interest opens up for more students.  Falls right into place, doesn't it?

So all that to say, we will be in Hawaii through next Spring.  I'll have the baby here with Dr. Chapman, and I'm very fond of her already, so that's ok by me.  

My only concern is that Jason might have to go to sea again for a short time before we leave.  I'm not going to lie; that will suck.  If that is the case, we may fly a family member in to help me with KB and BF2.  Besides being exhausted from waking every 2 - 3 hours with the baby, I won't be able to do much with KB after major abdominal surgery.  (For the record, not being able to pick my baby girl up for a good month is going to break this mommy's heart.)

We are excited, though!  Staying here for 3 additional months not only improves our chances of getting to go to NPS for shore duty, but we get extra time in paradise!  We have really come to love it here.  We love our house, our neighborhood, and our friends.  As odd as it feels for me to say this now, I will be very sad when we have to leave next year!


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