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Monday, August 8, 2011

Now that we're out of the baby-hiding closet..

Here's the story of how the revealing all went down:

I was able to wait until after Jason's huge test, but I didn't make it to being able to tell him in person. The boy simply wouldn't let me!  He says things like, "So, since you're on your period, do you need chocolate and cheese?"  To which my brilliant self responded with "No, I've really been craving onions and peppers." Strike 1. Then I told him about crying at the Folger's commercial. Strike 2. I didn't even make it to Strike 3. He knew.

So anyway, I just told him over the phone, which was TOTALLY not my plan. It was ok, because he giggled. That was enough to tide me over :)

Jason flew into Jackson on July 15. KB's church dedication ceremony was planned for July 17, and since all of my side of the family would be there, that's when we decided to tell them.

So I put KB in her super adorable big sister onesie, and proceed to prance her around my family. My aunt holds her, doesn't notice. My step mom plays with her, doesn't notice. We sit down around the table, and KB is planted in her high chair up by the head of the table between Mammaw and Pappaw. Nobody notices a gosh darn thing. After a few minutes, Mammaw was feeding her and it was obvious that she was going to get messy, so I took the onesie off. Still, nobody noticed.

Finally, the conversation turned to weight management, and I don't even remember why. I'm so suave.  I said "Well, I'm about to start gaining weight, but at least there's a good reason." and I grabbed KB's onesie and showed it off. We got a chorus of "No way!/You're kidding!/Emily!!/Congratulations!"  It was a lot of fun, and Jason and I felt very loved.

KB enjoyed dessert with Pop after we announced the big news.

We drove up to TN a few days later to spend time with his side of the family, and I just couldn't even contain myself anymore.. I blurted it out within just a few minutes of being there.  I took KB's onesie out of her bag, and asked my MIL if she thought it would be cute on KB.  She goes "Well yeah, but not right away, right?"  "Right away, like in March!"  She says "Nuhuh!!  Really??"  Again, we felt very loved and we are so happy that everyone is excited for us. We couldn't be happier!


  1. Your Dad just has the best smile! I'm sure it was a blessing to be able to tell family in person too. March babies are great (Andy and Samuel both are!)

  2. Haha that is so funny than no one got it at first! I probably would have been clueless too. lol So cute though!

  3. Congratulations!! So happy for your expanding family!!!

  4. Thank y'all! Yes, Sam, my Daddy has the best smile in this world. KB is pretty much the offspring love of his life, so that helps too :)


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