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Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm writing this today, but I won't post it for almost two months..

We're expecting Baby #2!!

Here's how it all happened - without details that no one but my bestest friends will ever know:

Jason and I agreed that we wanted our babies close together.  We are both close in age to our closest siblings, and we liked growing up that way.  Yes, we know that having two babies under two will be a challenge, but we're ready for it!  Also, we are in the longest span of time Jason will ever have without going to sea.  It's almost 3.5 years, which seems perfect for expanding our family.  This way Jason will not miss out on any of the fun toddler things with KB and BF2 (Baby Fred 2).

So, having decided that, we knew we wanted to start trying for BF2 soon.  We assume we'll be PCSing back to the mainland around mid-February.  That means that if I were to get pregnant, we would have to fly myself and KB to the mainland around December.  We decided to do that because we're pretty sure that no doctor in his right mind is going to let me fly after trimester 3 begins.  So, Jason will take leave around Christmas stand-down and move us home to have BF2 before we move to wherever the new duty station will be.

So, we decided that if I got pregnant in June, it would be ok!  AND!  If I were to get pregnant in June, my due date would be March 17 - St. Patrick's Day!

On Thursday, June 30, I got suspicious.  I was nauseous a few times on Wednesday, and then nauseous off and on all day Thursday.  I told Mom to keep KB, I was headed to the drug store for a pregnancy test.  I came home and took it right away.  Faint, faint line, but a line nonetheless!  Mom couldn't really see it, though.

Friday morning, I took another test.  Still a very faint line.

Friday afternoon, in the company of two of my best friends in this world, I took another one.  This one was digital.. no faint lines, just a word: PREGNANT.  And I took it in the Walmart bathroom.  (Yes, really.)

I was telling them how I want to surprise Jason with the news, so if it turns out positive, I'm not going to tell anybody.  This older lady in the stall next to me says, "Except all of us in the Walmart bathroom, right??"  I walked out to find that I had an audience.  Jen and Lessa, the older lady, two young girls, and a Walmart employee were all standing around.  The Walmart employee used the restroom, then came out and continued to wait on the results.  "Well??  Are you??  Are we excited?!"

As of right now, Jason still does not know.  His PNEO exam is tomorrow morning, July 5th.  I don't want to add anything to the mix of his studying and test nerves.  He told me that I can tell him one way or the other after his exam.  I told him yesterday that I wasn't pregnant.. that way he won't keep at me about it!  I want to be able to surprise him!  I want to wait until after his PNEO interview in DC.  In fact, I want to wait until I see him in person when he gets off the plane!

I ordered a tank with a stork on it that says "Guess What?"  I'll be wearing it when he gets off the plane.

I ordered a onesie with this super cute graphic on it for KB to wear for us to tell the family.  I can't wait!

I feel much better now that I've written out my secret.  Oh, and even though I'm only 3 weeks and 2 days along, I can already see a difference between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with KB.  For one thing, I'm hungry like a large man. That's not good.  The other thing is that I'm actually having cravings - onions and jalapenos so far.  Haha.. Jason is going to love me!

I can't wait until we can tell everybody!  We may even already have an ultrasound to go along with it!  Until then, I'm filling this space with a clover for my little clover baby :)

**EDIT** - I have an ultrasound picture to add, so here it is!!


  1. Congratulations Emily and Jason! What exciting news! Can't believe you're headed back in Feb, I'm sure you're excited about that as well.

  2. Aww! Congratulations! So happy for you.

  3. Thank y'all! Since this was written, the plan has probably changed. The new CO would love Jason to stay and see the boat through leaving dry dock and going into sea trials. We'll see!


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