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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To my Katie Beth, on her first birthday

Dear Katie Beth,

Today you are one year old, and we have come so far from this tiny but still beautiful little thing:

Birth day!

We have had a great time over the past twelve months, haven't we?  We've traveled, played, swam in the ocean, ridden on boats, spent time with family and friends, read lots of books and had some great sweet treats.

About to leave the NICU - 28 days old

You've learned so much in the past few months! You learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, say your first word ("Dada", of course), and stand. You even have a few teeth!

Almost 2 months old!

So now that you're one, there are some things I want you to know. These are some things that I promise to you. I promise to be the best Mommy I can possibly be, and here are some ways I plan to do it.

First Thanksgiving! 3 months old

I promise to always, always tell you "Good night, I love you, sweet dreams, and I'll see you in the morning." when you go to sleep at night. I'll tell you even when I'm not there and I won't really see you the next morning. I will always answer be just a phone call away when you spend the night with your friends.  And if, when you stay with a friend for the first time, you have a little freak-out and want to come home, I promise to come get you. But only once.  I promise to help you be a strong little girl who can fall asleep at her friend's house, even if it means I have to send your favorite books in your over night bag.

On the Metro at the Dallas Airport - Headed home to Guam!

I promise to always tell you when I think other people aren't good for you, even though you probably won't listen.  I'll tell you whether those persons are new friends at your new school, or your new boyfriend when you get to college.  You'll probably get mad at me, but that's ok because I'm ready for it.

Tired after opening First Christmas presents with Daddy - 4 months  old

I promise to embarrass you in front of your friends, but not every chance I get. You'll laugh at those stories when you have your own little girl to embarrass.

First family photo shoot! - 5 months old

I promise to raise you the way I was raised, for the most part.  I will teach you to say "Yes Ma'am" and "No Sir", even when we don't live in the South and you get funny looks for saying it.  I'll teach you to say "Please" and "Thank You" and "Bless you" when someone sneezes.

Daddy comes home today! 6 months old

I promise that I'll teach you to be an open-minded and kind-hearted woman.  I promise to scold you when I hear you making fun of a person for something they can't help, and sometimes for things that they can help.

We just moved to Hawaii! 7 months old

I promise to show you how to be generous, mostly by donating the toys you don't play with to needy children, (and mostly because we'll have to move every two years anyway).

Very first Easter - 8 months old

I promise to give you the opportunity to spend time in the country with your grandparents and great grandparents. Someone will teach you how to fish, pick blueberries, drive a four-wheeler, and (sigh) maybe even take you deer hunting.  That is, if you are unlike your Mommy and you can learn to keep quiet in the deer stand.

First trip to the beach in Hawaii - 9 months old

I promise to bring cupcakes to your class for your birthday for as long as you want me to.. even if that is your Senior year of high school.  Or college. I'll be your Mommy, so I will never have any shame.

First Polo match - 10 months old

And lastly, I promise, promise, promise, that I will always be there when you need me.  I will either be on the other end of the phone, or right beside you, no matter what.  Even if you're ashamed of something you have done, or afraid of my reaction. I'll be there.

First trip to the Zoo, in St. Louis - 11 months old

I love you so much, and I can't believe how much you have already changed my life for the better. You are the answer to so many prayers, and the light of our lives.

One year old today!



  1. Oh where is my hanky???? You really got it all right Punk! Especially the nite nite ritual because I believe it says it all! Ha! Your momma loves YOU so much and now I love the baby babygirl that much too!
    Momma (Mimi)

  2. Beautiful post Emily...for a beautiful little girl! That child really is going to have a life full of love and story as she grows.

  3. beautiful!!!!

    Sandy WTE

  4. Oh my gosh this has got to be the cutest post ever! Love all the pictures and the happy moments. Happy Birthday baby girl!!


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