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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Space A Adventures Part 2, or maybe 3?

(This is actually Part 3, since Part 2 technically came when we MACed it back to Guam from Hawaii back in December.  Whatever, though.  This is the second time I'm writing under the Space A Adventures title, so I'm using 2.)

And just for the record, Honey actually said to me on the way to the terminal this morning, "I bet you're going to have a lot to blog about this go-round."  He was (sadly) right on target.

If anyone wants to go back and reference Space A Adventures, I mention big jets.  I talk about how nice and roomy they are, and how they have air-line type seats.  What I do not talk about is how they aren't very reliable.  A joke I recently heard regarding this particular jet, is that if you pull onto a tarmac and see two of them "up on blocks", and another sitting near them, what does it mean?  It means they only have two sets of "blocks".  

(Due to OPSEC rules, I won't say what type of jet it is, where it's headed, or when it's actually leaving.  -  Even though that information is pretty readily available if you call the recording, but whatever.)

So there's this big jet, and it's leaving our base, headed close enough to home.  I want to be on it, obviously.  It sucks that I am leaving Jason 10ish days earlier than expected, but it will save us so much money on a flight.  So, I get my stuff together, make sure my sign-up is still good at the terminal, and get ready to go. I was so excited.  The flight was set to leave on Friday, so I went to the terminal on Thursday to make sure everything was set.

For all intents and purposes, it was.  I packed all day Thursday, for both myself and for KB.  Friday morning, I was up and ready at 0430.  We were out the door by 0530, at the terminal ready for the 0640 roll call.  They switched from having 35 available seats to 15.  

Didn't make roll call.  Damn.

Oh wait!  They just added 12 more seats!  Like I've told y'all before, rule #1 of Space A travel is to never, ever leave the terminal until the plane is off the ground!  

Didn't make roll call again.  Damn.

Ooh!  They added 8 more seats!  

Nope.  Still didn't make it.

Rule #47 of Space A travel?  Don't try to travel in the Summer.

Sweet!  They just added 4 more seats!  

Damn.  There's a family of 3, so that only leaves 1 seat left.  I would have made it, but I need 2 seats, not just 1.  They won't let KB "just sit on my lap", either. Damn.

So, the plane hasn't left the tarmac yet, but this nice gentleman has told us that he is on the phone with his son, one of the load masters, and his son has informed him that they will not add more seats.  I offered this nice gentleman a ride to the airport since he hasn't made the flight either.  I also offered this very sweet elderly lady a ride.  Her husband made the flight, and they have decided that she will just fly commercial.  One free seat is better than zero free seats, right?  So, defying Rule #1, we left the terminal.

We barely got out of the gate when the sweet lady's sweet husband called to tell her to hurry back!  They just opened 3 more seats! 

I did some quick math, and realized that I could either get these nice folks on the plane, or get myself and KB on there.  My gracious side took over:  They were trying to get back home and I was just trying to get Stateside for a visit.  We got back to the terminal, and the sweet lady was able to get on because her husband quickly reserved her seat, but another lady and her son took the two remaining seats.  

Damn.  I was signed up ahead of her..  if I hadn't left, I would have made it.  Damn you, Rule #1!

OH WAIT!!  They just opened two more seats!  Sorry nice gentleman, I'm snagging them!  We win!  We made it!  Yay! Yay! Yay!

Oh wait.

Something is broken.  The plane isn't leaving today.  

We've been sitting in this terminal for 7 hours.  Damn.

No worries.  We're on the manifest, so we just have to show back up for roll call at 0615, and we'll make it out on Saturday morning.

Nope.  After spending a full 8 hours in the terminal today, they finally decided that they are still broken.

Really guys?  Are you really broken?  Or is somebody a little sleepy after his night out in Waikiki?  One too many Mai Tais?

No, I don't really believe that.  I really do think they are actually broken, as bitter as it makes me to have spent 15 hours in the terminal with a 9 month old.

Bright side:  KB and I have gotten to spend an additional 2 nights in our own beds, and with Honey.  I'll actually be happier if the flight doesn't take off tomorrow, so I'll get to spend his first Father's Day with him.  I will not, however, be happy if we have to spend that day in the terminal just to be told "Oops.  We're still broken" late in the afternoon.  So, right now they are saying they will try again tomorrow.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this flight isn't going anywhere until at least Monday.  But go again tomorrow, I will.  I'm getting pretty sick of Rule #1, considering this plane hasn't left the terminal for 2 full days now.  Here's hoping!


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