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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's still a preemie sometimes

Most of the time, it's really hard for me to remember that KB is a preemie. - Besides that whole thing where she's really tiny for a 9.5 month old.  She has hit every single milestone right on track except for her first words.  (We're still anxiously awaiting that one.)  She rolled over early, she crawled a little early, she's got that pincer grip down pat, and she even just started pulling up and standing.  She's perfect.  Except... she hates to eat and she's not gaining weight very well.

For months this wasn't an issue.  I thought her reflux was finally gone because she was taking bottles so well.  We introduced solids and she did well with those for a little while.  Then, all of a sudden, she hates the bottle and she hates the spoon.  I don't know what changed!  She went from eating like a little champ (she loved carrots and squash and green beans) to clamping her lips down so tight I couldn't get the spoon in there if I tried.  She went from taking 25 - 28 oz a day to screaming and fighting us every time we try to bottle-feed her.

We've tried everything: bought back the dreaded Prevacid, which isn't so dreaded anymore.  KB actually likes the taste of it now.  Changed and re-changed formula brands. The pediatrician thinks this may be behavioral, that she just *doesn't want* the bottle anymore, but I don't know.  She also has us concentrating her formula, so that every ounce that does go down has a few extra calories.

About eating, it's a whole other story.  I think KB hates the spoon because I forced peas in a few times when I shouldn't have.  I feel like a bad Mommy, but I bet we've all done it.  Well, not anymore for us.  We've found baby-led weaning (from here on out I'll just refer to it as BLW), and it's been a God-send.  The basic concept is that since babies don't need food for nutrition just yet, why are we force-feeding them purees that they obviously hate?  A baby doesn't need to go through the stages of eating that Gerber would make us think they do.  As long as they put them in their mouths themselves, chunks are perfectly fine.  Most of the time it just falls right back out in the beginning, but it's good practice.  And no, she won't choke, I promise!  I put chunks of steamed veggies, fruit, whole wheat bread dipped in yogurt, all sorts of stuff in front of her.  Sure, sometimes she just plays, but she's getting better at actually making it to her mouth, keeping the food in there long enough to chew and swallow, and actually eating!

This is what meals look like now - here we have avocado and mango.

Since BLW is already what we're doing, the pediatrician has suggested that we give her the most fattening things we can.  She's eaten avocado every day for 4 days now.  Actually, I think she's starting to get sick of it, so I probably won't do that for tomorrow.  She has lots of whole milk yogurt.  This morning we tried scrambled eggs made with cream, but they weren't such a hit.  Mango was also not a hit, but she loves watermelon!

All this to say, we're still having feeding issues 9.5 months later.  It's hard.  My head hurts.  I need a beer.  I'll probably have one when she goes down tonight.  Because you know what?  Praise the Lord, my baby girl is a good sleeper!  I thank Him every single day that He gave me a good sleeper to make up for the fact that she's a terrible eater.


  1. Aww poor thing! I think you sound like a great mom. You are doing everything you can, even though it's hard at times. So don't beat yourself up! And sometimes, you just need a beer.

  2. My friend Heather ( is doing baby led weaning and very happy with it. Please know that in the long term, this is just a little bump in the road. (Jared was failure to thrive at the 9 month point and you've seen him now!) It can be challenging and frustrating but you're doing the right things. In all other aspects she's thriving and this too will improve!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

  4. She is adorable! Sounds like you are a great mommy, and doing all that you can. I love trying new foods with my son, just to see his reaction. He usually loves it, although he is going through a stage of not eating as much. So I get worried too. Best of luck!


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