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Sunday, June 19, 2011

His First Father's Day

Today will be relaxed for us, which makes me very happy.  After spending 2 full days in the AMC terminal, I am happy for a day in my house.  I am also very happy that I did spend those two days in the terminal, because if I had left either of those days, we wouldn't be here to celebrate his first Father's Day.  Things work like they're supposed to ;)

Honey has Saturday duties, so I had to pick him up first thing this morning (after I found out our flight was grounded for the day.. again.).  Then we went for brunch at IHOP.  It isn't nice or fancy, but it's one of the only places on our side of the island that does breakfast.  And Honey LOVES breakfast.

Since he is napping right now (because I'm the best wife ever), I have a few minutes to myself.  I'm going to use those minutes to tell everyone why he's such a great Daddy and Husband.

  • He changes just as many diapers as I do (when he's home).
  • He takes the early mornings with Katie Beth since I will be home with her all day.  -  I like to think he's just doing it to help me out, but I really think he enjoys alone time with her, too.
  • He feeds KB just as often as I do, and more often than I do when he's home.  
  • He sings silly songs and reads silly stories to our baby girl.
  • He gets her dressed when I ask him to, and her clothes even match!  And sometimes he remembers shoes!
  • He steams veggies, bakes apples, and indulges me when I say that we're going to teach KB to eat in a way he's never heard of before.  (Baby Led Weaning)
  • He plays with KB, but he also teaches her things.  
  • He gives me back rubs when I've had a hard day, even though he was the one at an actual job all day.
  • His clothes usually make it into the laundry basket :)
  • He makes the bed if he's the last one up.  I don't even do that.
  • He helps me clean the kitchen every night, unless I specifically say, "No, you [do whatever], I've got the kitchen.

See how lucky I am?  I love this man so much!  More importantly than that, our baby girl thinks he hung the moon.  You should see her eyes light up when Daddy walks through the door.  -  Or rather, you should hear her cry when he leaves in the mornings. 


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