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Sunday, May 29, 2011

White Family Takeover Part 1

I can't believe it's only been 4.5 days.  I am loving having them here, but I am so tired!  I feel like Mammaw, Pappaw and Uncle John have been here for weeks!  Months!  I think that's because I automatically adjusted to them being here - like I was just home again.  It doesn't feel like anything has changed for me.  My day is a little different.  For instance, I don't have to load KB up just to take Jason to work.  That part is super awesome.  Know what else is awesome?  Having more people to cook for and cook with.  I am loving having a chunk of my family here for meals.  I miss cooking for a crowd, even though Jason sometimes eats like one.  Having 3 extra adults in the house has remedied that for me.

So here is how our first few days went:

Checking out Kaneohe Bay - KB was just beginning to latch onto Mammaw (permanently).

Then we headed over onto Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii and checked out the beach there.  Pappaw was stationed at Hickam AFB in the 50's, so he had a lot of fun reminiscing about the island.  Of course, a lot of what he said was "Things sure have changed over the past 52 years.."

One of the beaches on Kaneohe MCBH
That was pretty much it for the first full day.  The next day was full of fun, too.  We went to the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island.  It was interesting, if indeed expensive for entry.  $20 per person for that tiny museum?!  What??  We managed to get in for $12 each on the military discount, but still...  Watch "Pearl Harbor" a few times and you've got the museum.  Seriously.  Most of it is about the Doolittle Raids.

Good fun was had at the cafe, though.  KB stood up for the first time!  Woo!  I'm glad the GP's were around to see that.

After the museum, we went and drove around Waikiki for a while.  Pappaw kept going back to "Things sure have changed..."  We went into the International Marketplace for a little souvenir shopping, and I happened to mention that you could get Dole Whip at one of the stands in the food court.  For those who don't know, Dole Whip is this heavenly concoction - Dole Pineapple ice cream.  It's amazing and you should try some.  I was feeling chocolate, though, and so was KB.  She tried her very first ice cream!

Friday was mostly lazy.  The only thing of any interest that we did was go to the Byodo In Buddhist Temple.  It's gorgeous!  It was built in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii.  It's an exact, to scale replica of a temple in Uji, Japan, which was built almost 1000 years ago.  Pretty awesome, eh?

Today wasn't lazy at all.  I'm exhausted, and my legs want to cry.  We did the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  For those unfamiliar, a swap meet is just an open air flea market.  Gajillions of souvenirs, t-shirts, magnets, and a few handmade things that are pretty awesome.  I traditionally hate flea markets, but I knew everybody else would like it, so we spent a few hours there this morning.  Then I took them to Boston's Pizza Bakery simply because it's our favorite pizza place on island.  

From there we went to base for the GP's and Uncle John to get a tour of the boat.  None of them have ever been on a sub, so that was pretty cool.  I think they were just as impressed with how smart Honey is as they were with the boat itself.  It's true, I nabbed a smart one.  (Pappaw says "And he still married Emily?" -  He got suckered into it with my good looks and charm, for sure.)

Are you tired just reading all that?  I'm exhausted, and partly from doing it, partly from writing about it.  The good news is that having them here is keeping me up on my feet and busy, so I haven't had a chance to gain any weight with the insane amount of eating I've been doing.  That's very good news.


  1. Hi love. I've been so MIA but now that I'm back from NYC, I think I will fall back into a routine again. Finally. And that includes popping over to visit my favorite Navy family! That picture of KB standing is precious! I love their little wide stances when they are first learning how to balance. And I particularly loved this post because it was such a stroll down memory lane of our own visit to Honolulu just a little over a year ago. Hard to think we were there Mother's Day last year. Feels like yesterday. We did a lot of the same things...went to Dole Plantation to get ice cream, went to the swap meet (where I found all kinds of goodies for the jewelry business!), and the Buddhist Temple and Punchbowl. In addition to about a million other things during our 8 days there! We kept trying to get the boys to do a Hawaii Fear Factor with all of the crazy food they sell at the swap meet. HOWEVER, there is a stall there that has AHMAZING olive oil. I would beg Brooke to ship it to me but I'm scared to death it will break. It's got the spices in it and there's just nothing like it. Thanks for the memories! I'm back to reading (when I'm getting caught up like this, I read most recent,'t be confused by the emails). ;-D

  2. Olive oil, eh? I'm going to have to check that out! Did you try the Hawaiian sweet bread? Oh my. It melted in my mouth, but I was able to step away.


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