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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boat smell

Submariner wives either love it or hate it.. and sometimes both in the same day.  

Boat smell.  

To me, it smells a lot like a mechanic's garage.  [I think that's why I like it; because though I don't have many pleasant memories of my mom's second husband, who was a boat mechanic, I always had fun when he worked late and me and Scott would play in the huge garage.]  The smell is really Amine, which is the chemical in the submarine's atmosphere that is used to take out moisture. 

I totally didn't know that until I Googled Amine just now.. I just knew it was a chemical.  Learn something new every day..

So anyway, it's what my husband smells like every single day.  It means that he's home, and that I have him for a little while before that big black bitch gets him back.  (Sorry if that offends a grandparent or something.. but it's true.)  So when he brings his huge sea bag in, and dumps the dirty Amine-smelling laundry in the middle of the living room, I can't help but smile.  As much as it adds to my day, I love doing his laundry when he first comes home.  Know why?  Because it means he's home.


  1. This is SO interesting to me because I've literally ALWAYS wondered what that smell was!! Being military, we end up doing a lot of military-geared touristy things when we travel. When we went to Baltimore, we toured every single ship and sub in the Inner Harbor. And when we toured the sub, I thought "that's that smell again!! WHAT IS IT?" And I had the same thought you smells like a mechanic's garage. So, thank you for putting this out there. I can't wait to talk to my husband in the morning and tell him what I learned. ;-D

  2. Uhoh! Don't tell your husband yet! I was supposed to amend this to say that Amine is not for keeping moisture out of the air. And dadgumit if I can't remember what my husband said it is actually for. His response was "It's sweet that you looked it up, but..."


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