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Thursday, May 26, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #42

Do you think civilians, in general, understand the meaning of Memorial Day?
Yes.  There are some extremely patriotic civilians out there.  I think everybody can name at least one person who has served their country, and I'm sure most people are thankful for that person on some level.  I do not personally know anyone who has died while serving his/her country, but I am thankful for those that have, those that will, and those who are willing to risk it.What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend?
My grandparents are in town!  Honey is taking a half-day on Friday, and I'm not sure what we'll do yet, other than grill out for dinner.  On Saturday I'll take them to the Aloha Swap Meet, even though I hate flea markets.  On Sunday we'll go to church and then possibly to a polo match.  We are planning to attend the Memorial Day ceremony at the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punch Bowl.  Then my Honey will get to use his (early) Father's Day present, a huge smoker, and make us some ribs :)What skill/talent do you wish you had? submitted by The 3 Turners
I wish I was crafty.  I wish I could look at an article of clothing and figure out how to remake it.  Really, I wish I just had ideas that popped into my head and then came out via my hands.  I'm not crafty in the least :(Which came first: the chicken or the egg? submitted by I Married Into The Army
The chicken!  That's what my Southern Baptist Evangelical Christian upbringing tells me, anyway.What is the best thing about your post (base)? The worst? submitted by Randomly, Robyn
Best - It's Pearl Harbor, HAWAII!  Worst - Traffic.. because it's Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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  1. I keep meaning to go to the Aloha Swap Meet and never make it. I always think next weekend, and then next weekend comes and something comes up. Well, maybe next weekend! haha


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