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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy MilSpouse Day, and Song Link Up

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, ladies!  I know not all of my readers are MilSpouses, but a lot are.  It's nice to know that we are appreciated, and so much more often than once a year!  

 Silent Patriot

A woman for all season, a woman for today

She stands to meet all the challenges
And grows along the way

Her life is not an easy one 

With many loads to bear

But she proudly serves her husband
And the uniform he wears

Although she didn’t take the oath 

To preserve democracy

She’s there each day on the home front
To keep our country free

She’s foreign-born or a country girl

Diversity you will find

But to be a military wife, 
It takes a special kind

She’s one who keeps on going 

Through adversity and pain

She’s the steady strong foundation
When nothing stays the same

She’s the one who sheds a tear

As Old Glory passes by

But couldn’t give an answer
 If you were to ask her why?

Throughout the years she marches on

Through tears and joy and strife

She’s America’s unsung hero ~ 
She’s a military wife

In honor of MilSpouse Appreciation Day, my song link up this week is my favorite patriotic song, America The Beautiful as done by Ray Charles.  I honestly don't know why this is my favorite, except that I have a very clear memory of this song being in one of my favorite movies.  Now And Then, maybe?  I'm not sure.  I could Google it, but I should probably get back to work on the office instead.  

If you'd like to link your song up this week, head over to Goodnight Moon  


  1. Kudos to your husband! The thought of being in a meatal tube underwater sends chills down my spine!Any military man, and his fami, has my full respect!

  2. Love this version- thanks for sharing & Thanks for Serving Too!

  3. Thank you for coming over ot my blog and linking up this past week. I'm just now able to make my rounds since I was out of town. I hope you had fun and were able to meet some other awesome blogs. Hope to see you back this coming Thursday, Emily;)

  4. I love this!! I did feel nice and appreciated on Friday. I hope you did too!


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