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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day: the postmortem

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day.  I didn't really celebrate while I was pregnant.  Jason told me Happy Mother's Day, and he was sweet about it, but we went and played golf.  So yeah.. not really celebrating my upcoming motherhood.

(For the record, I do believe you can celebrate your first Mother's Day if you are pregnant.  I mean, you are definitely already sacrificing for your baby.. so yeah, Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful pregnant friends!)

Back to yesterday.. Jason has Saturday duty every week for the next 8 - 10 because he's in school for his PNEO exam in July.  So Jason had duty on Saturday, which meant I spent the night alone.  No biggie - KB and I stayed in our jammies all day and watched movies.  I expected him to be home around 0830 Sunday morning. I knew he was going to make me breakfast and then we'd go to church.  I was looking forward to that simple pleasure.  Alas, it was not to be.

Jason called at 0830, the time I expected him home.  Conversation went like this:  "Hey baby."  "Hey...  I just rear-ended a truck."  "What?!  Are you ok?!"  "I'm fine.  The car's not."  "What happened??"  "I was at a light in the left turn lane, and I kind of spaced out, and when the people beside me went because they had the light, I went too.. straight into the back of a truck."  "I'll see you when you get home."

Needless to say, I was pissed.  I adore my husband, but he doesn't always think.  Correction:  My husband thinks too much.  About everything in the world.  Come to find out, his mind was on work because he hadn't had a great morning.  But you know that stereotype of the absent minded genius?  That, my friends, is my husband.  He has so many important things on his mind that the day to day things that you and I think about don't have room.  I just wish driving didn't fall into that category..

Bless him, he tried so hard to salvage Mother's Day for me.  He walked through the door 3 hours later (after dealing with the insurance company, getting a rental on a Sunday, etc) with flowers in one hand and a bottle of Firefly in the other.  

He made me an amazing breakfast:  Marmalade and goat cheese stuffed French toast.  He had also gotten a bottle of champagne for Mimosas, but I wasn't feeling that.  He gave me my gift.  A sweet little heart necklace with Mum in the middle.  You know the cheesy necklace you always see in stores? Well, it's cooler because it says Mum since he got it in Australia.  Super cute.

We spent the day together, getting our house a little more in order.  Then we took of for Target because we still need house things.  Curtains, for example.. we badly need curtains.  I finally got some sheers for our bedroom windows, and we got barstools for the kitchen bar.  Yay!

We went to Outback for dinner.  It wasn't so much "Mother's Day dinner", just what sounded good, ya know?  Apparently the rest of Hawaii also thought Outback sounded good on Mother's Day.  Holy moly!  We got there at 5:20 pm and there was already an hour wait for the 2.5 of us!  Sheesh.  We were there for 3 hours.  Bless my little KB, she made it successfully through the appetizer before having a meltdown at 7:00.  We were able to cover her carrier and rock her to sleep on the floor of the restaurant.  

Then, to my great surprise, she slept for the hour it took to get our food and dessert.  She didn't make it through dessert, though.   Daddy took her to the car and I ate my brownie alone.  I could have just left too, but dangit, I wanted that First Mother's Day brownie.


  1. Well Happy Mother's Day to YOU! We sort of had the same experience. My mother always seems to be gone to the beach on Mother's Day and I gave her so much crap about it last year that she purposely came back on Saturday so that we could celebrate on SunTday. Except...everywhere we went was like a 2 hour wait. We have decided that in the future, we will push it back a week or 2 and celebrate when everyone else is staying home. ;-D Also, I can TOTALLY see how your husband rear ended someone. There have been several times when I have caught myself getting ready to accelerate into the back of someone when the lane next to me got the green light but we were still red. Frustrating to have it happen on your day...but I can see how it happens.
    Hope HI weather is treating you well! My friends who are stationed there are getting ready to PCS back to DC. I know they are going to miss the tropics!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful 1st Mother's day! (when I first read 'post mortem' I thought WTF?! Then realized you probably meant post partum. Or else there's a joke I'm not getting. Ha! And hope HI is treating you all well!

  3. Did mean to add, sorry about the accident. EESH! Glad all are ok though. Sorry, was posting from my touch.


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