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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days like today

I feel like I complain on here a lot, and I feel badly about that. I'm really not this much of a complainer, usually. This is my place to vent and complain, however, so that's probably why.

Days like today, though, remind me of why I'm so happy (in general). Today was such a good day, and nothing spectacular happened.

I went to the Sub Officer's Spouses Assoc. meeting this morning, which was fun. It's probably only fun to me because I get to be around women with whom I have at least a little bit in common. That's rare, so it's always nice.

Then I had lunch with a great friend, and got to have more friend/grown up time. It's even better because KB loves her so much!

I met KB's new sitter today, which was one of the highlights. She's not too expensive, and I think she'll be great for KB. She's actually keeping her tomorrow morning so I can go to the stupid GD clinic and get trained on how to prick my fingers. (Blah)

Then we came home and met the cable guy, who fixed our cable problems! He made the channels that weren't working, work! Magic! And he made our enhanced features that weren't working, work too! More magic!

Then, the absolute highlight of my entire day:

KB was playing on the floor. She looked up and smiled at me, then she crawled over, kissed my knee (the closest part of my body she could reach) and then crawled back over to play. It was the sweetest thing that's happened to me in a long time, and that says a lot when I have KB as a little girl. She's always offering up hugs and kisses and giggles, and they remind me why I love being a mommy so much.

All of these great things took place on my Honey's birthday, but he wasn't with us today since he had duty :(  We've already done his birthday dinner, but I think I'm going to make him something delicious tomorrow anyway. Maybe a cheesecake? I've never made one before, so hopefully he'll be forgiving if it doesn't turn out well.  I also plan to let him sleep through the wake ups tomorrow night, because I'm the best wife ever!


  1. Don't feel bad! That's what a blog is for lol I complain on mine all the time. It's a good outlet. KB sounds like the sweetest little girl ever. That just made my heart melt. Happy birthday to your hubby. Stinks he had duty. :(

  2. Bahaha your comment on my blog seriously had me rolling! I appreciate the tip! Bellows is actually where I want to go camping sooo... go camping, watch the sunrise and sexy time on the beach kill three birds with one stone! And yes, I absolutely think we should get coffee sometime. I could always (always) use another friend on this island! Email me (


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