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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There was bad news, then triple good news!

I'm going to get my little rant over with at the beginning, so here goes.

I have Gestational Diabetes, and I'm pissed off about it. I'm mad that my body (apparently) doesn't handle pregnancy well. I'm angry that I have to do this diet or risk having a huge jaundiced baby. And lastly, I'm REALLY mad that my chances of having Type 2 Diabetes later in life are greatly increased.  Pissed, I tell you!

There is good news here, being that I don't crave sweets this time nearly as often as I did with KB. I know I can do the diet, I'm just not happy about it.  The other good news is that once I start the diet on Friday, I will most likely lose weight, or at least not gain much more. I'm at a grand total of 5 pounds gained now, so maybe I'll just stay around there.

Now on to the real good news!

We saw KB's dietitian last week, and she made me feel so much better about my tiny girl. She was very impressed with the variety of foods that KB will eat, and even how much of some foods she will eat. She said to keep doing what we're doing, which is a lot of cheese, butter and avocado. She helped me with the balance issue by telling me to pretty much give KB what we eat, with a side of something fattening. Ahh, that makes more sense!  She was also very impressed with KB's development. She gushed over how well she stands, especially for as small as she is. KB got really talkative after we'd been there a while, and the dietitian was really impressed with her vocabulary, too. So yay for my awesome, tiny little thing!

More good news!

We had another ultrasound on Monday, and the tech saw that we have a big, healthy boy in there. And when I say big, I mean big. She measured his femur and she said, "Oh wow.. Really??  Well, I guess Dad is tall, too." She said he's going to be very tall, and he's already in the 76th percentile on height for his gestational age. I was glad to hear that he's a big boy after what we went through with KB.

After the ultrasound I met my new specialist. He's a Maternal Fetal Internist, to be exact. (I'd never even heard of that until I scheduled my appointment with him.)  He was so friendly, joking with me the whole time. He was also happy with how much I know about what my body went through with KB. I laughed, thinking "Yes, I'm obsessive and did my homework." He was happy that I've been taking baby aspirin since 8 weeks, and recommended that I take it until just a few weeks before delivery. We went over symptoms and he said he thinks I have about a 70% chance of not having issues this time.

Overall, I have a good feeling about the pregnancy, despite the GD.

I guess I should be thankful, because, if nothing else.. the GD adds 3 more people who are monitoring me and Baby G.  As of right now I have an Obstetrician, an Internist, a Dietitian, a Nurse Practitioner, and a Perinatologist.  I'll meet the Dietitian and NP on Friday when I go for a class on GD. Then I'll meet the Perinatologist on the 4th. I don't even know what a Perinatologist does, other than I know he'll be monitoring me and G to make sure I have the healthiest pregnancy possible.


  1. A perinatologist is a high risk OB, but they focus more on the baby than the mom ;) I only know that because I saw one!

    I've been praying for a healthy pregnancy for you every day since you told me you were pregnant, so I will continue to do so :)

  2. Thanks, Celeste! Prayers are always welcome :)


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