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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We have a Taotaomona!

One of the strongest traditions on Guam is of the Taotaomona, or the Ancient Ones.  They protect the jungle and the ancient village sites.  There are a bunch of traditions that go along with the idea of the Taotaomonas.  For instance, whenever entering the jungle, you should ask the Taotaomonas for permission.  You should also ask for permission when passing a Banyan tree.  You should never take anything from the jungle without asking permission.  Also, when passing through ancestral burial grounds, you should always whistle so as not to startle the Taotaomona.

In doing my research, I found this article that I really liked:

Taotaomona are tricksters.  They will pinch and leave marks on your body.  If the mark is a bruise that doesn't hurt, it means the Taotaomona likes you.  *I got unexplained bruises all the time while I was pregnant, but I haven't since*  If the mark is a big red mark that hurts, you've done something to make the Taotaomona angry.  Taotaomona also cause headaches that can't be explained or cured by contemporary medicine.  To rid oneself of an illness caused by a Taotaomona, one must visit a village witch doctor.  Apparently we actually have those here, which I didn't know until doing a little research.

So, weird stuff started happening a few weeks ago.  I woke up a few times thinking there was an earthquake going on because my bed was shaking.  I asked my friends, and they hadn't felt it, and it never got reported online.  Well, whatever.. I still thought it was an earthquake.  Then the first really creepy thing happened.  Every night when I go to bed, I turn off the cable box, but not the tv.  The tv goes blank, but doesn't turn off all the way.  So one night, KB woke up, so I went in her room to help her back to sleep.  I glanced into the living room like I always do, and everything was fine.  On the way back to my room, though, I heard voices!  I freaked out, and then I realized that it was the tv.  I thought, maybe a power surge had caused the cable box to turn back on.  I went in the living room, and sure enough, the tv was on a cable channel.  But the cable box was still off!  I turned off the tv and went back to bed and tried hard not to think about it.

The night Jason came home, I slept horribly.  I woke up a bunch of times, and one of those times I thought I saw a shadow right in front of me.  I blinked and it was gone, but it still creeped me out.  I thought maybe I slept so badly because Jason and I had switched sides of the bed because I needed to be closer to the fan.  I made sure we switched back the next night, though.

Then two nights ago, more really weirdness.  Katie Beth woke up at 11 pm, which she hadn't done since the time the tv came on.  I walked to her room, still half asleep, and helped her back to sleep.  Then I realized the stinking tv was on again!  Same thing - on a cable channel but the cable box was off.  I turned it off, and went back to bed.  I was almost asleep when something bumped the bed really hard.  Almost as if you accidentally bumped into it in the dark or something.. that hard.  I jerked straight up and tried not to flip out.  I calmed down, and closed my eyes and laid there trying to force myself back to sleep.  Then something put pressure on top of the blanket beside my feet.  Blah.  I turned on the lamp and read for about an hour and a half before I could finally fall back to sleep.

So yesterday I told Jason about it, and God bless him, he didn't laugh.  I don't think he believes me, but at least he didn't laugh.  Last night we went to bed, and of course Jason was asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow.  I was almost asleep when the bed started shaking.  At this point, I just resigned myself to the fact that something lives with us now.  The bed shook without me or Jason moving two more times last night.

The more I think about it and talk about it, the less scared I get.  Obviously whatever is hanging out in our house with us likes us.  From what I've read about Taotaomona, you would know if one didn't like you.  I really, truly think that whatever/whoever is in our house doesn't want us to move!  Stuff didn't start happening until we started packing out.  I think it likes us!  I even found these webpages that have other ghost stories, and they sound so similar to what has been going on around here.

So yeah.. I know a bunch of y'all reading this are going to think I'm absolutely crazy.  That's cool, I would think that too if I wasn't living the weirdness.  But just so y'all know, I'm going to start being a lot more respectful when I talk about Guam.  Don't want to make my Taotaomona angry!


  1. Well there ya go baby got a tat a whatever you said! I read several of those stories online after I talked to you last night, and they sure sound similar to your story, which is why I told you about you wouldn't think you were going crazy--LOL! Interesting stuff huh?
    Love you,

  2. Um, that would freak me the eff out if the TV was on a cable channel but the cable was off. I would be camping out if it were me!! This whole post reminded me of when I had Fox, and there was an Inuvialuit elder in the hospital that would talk to me every time I had to walk down the halls to help with my section healing. She told me that you shouldn't whistle when the Northern Lights are out because the spirits of their ancestors will come down and cut off your head. Not that I necessarily believe it, but I surely don't whistle at night!

  3. Respectful is right :) When I was 13 years old I went to Guam for the first time. My dads house was still there my grandmother and cousins were living there. I went with my grandma to feed the pigs in the jungle part of her back yard, I was told not to touch the white things at the bottom of the trees so I did'nt even go near them anyways when we were all done I went to my room to change and I had bruises on my arms and legs just the marks I felt nothing so I went and showed them to my Grandma and my dad's youngest brother they were sitting in the kitchen. They both smiled and said that the TaoTaoMona liked me. Being only 13 years old I said cool. Many years later I have been to Guam several times and I know to have respect for the Island and for the spirits on the Island.

  4. Steven Albert Fejeran, TaoTao'Mon'A, pitmuthafukinbull, established since, 1979, November 1st, 2:39 pm. Standard Pacific Time Period ...


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