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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shore Duty, Month One

Want to hear something amazing? Honey and I just celebrated a milestone in our marriage. We just beat our record for consecutive nights in the same bed! Last night we hit 22 nights in a row together. Want to hear something even more amazing? We won't be involuntarily separated at any point over the next two months, at least! We'll get to some crazy number.. something like 60 or 70!

I know most MilSpouses can understand the separation. Often times we spend months at a time away from our significant others. Sub wives (and husbands now too, maybe?) spend weeks on end without a single form of communication.. no Skype, no letters, no email, and definitely no phone calls. I surely fall into the category of women who want to punch other women in the face when we hear "I haven't heard from him in five whole days!" Really? Five days is a cake walk.

But you know what? For at least two and a half years, I don't have to deal with that. That's about thirty months worth of dirty man laundry, travel coffee mugs with three-day old coffee in them, waking up six times a night to tell him to roll over and stop snoring, and water all over the bathroom floor because he somehow never learned to dry off on the floor mat. That's also roughly 912 days of hearing my Pumpkin squeal "Hi, Daddy!" 37 times after he walks in the door, getting big Honey hugs after a long day, and having coffee made for me (not in that travel mug, thank you) on Saturday mornings.

Yes, my friends, we've come to that magical place known as Shore Duty. Where there are 40-hour work-weeks, actual weekends and holidays, and unicorns at the ends of rainbows made out of sour gummy worms. Where my husband will come home almost every night (there is some travel involved in his new job, but not much) and wake up beside me every morning. Where holidays and special events aren't put on hold for underways and duty days. Ahh, Shore Duty.

The first month has been more or less vacation. We've been extremely busy, but he hasn't gone into an office yet. We are in Pensacola for Recruiter School for a few weeks and then he starts work August 1. It's almost like we got a real summer vacation! How exciting is that??

I'll update about this part again once I'm actually accustomed to seeing his face every day.

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  1. Love this post. I'm so happy for y'all and longing for my time on shore to roll around again. Enjoy the non-navy navy life. ;)


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