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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not So Sleepy Geeby

Now it's time for Silly Songs With Mommy, the part of the show where Mommy comes out and sings a silly song.

The name of the song is, Time To Start A Schedule, Garrett!

Man, oh man. So, as it turns out, I totally took for granted how easy of a sleeper KB was/is. At least I say I did.. I do sort of remember blogging about how I was grateful she was a good sleeper because she was a terrible eater. I also remember thinking, and perhaps writing, that my next one would probably be a terrible sleeper but a good eater.  Actually, Garrett is good at both, he just has his own little thing going for a schedule, and it's time to stop. Time to stop, I say!
A four month old doesn't need to wake twice at night to eat, Geebs. See, unfortunately for you, Mommy already knows these things. He does, though.. wake twice at night to eat, that is. I'm sure part of it is our fault for moving and him having to sleep in 9 different places in 2 months. Yes, 9 - between hotel rooms, grandparents' houses, and our new house - 9. He's even been in 5 different beds in that time! Poor little fella.. The one constant has been Mommy. In fact, other than the 10 days we were in our  new house before coming to Pensacola, he has always even slept in the same room as me. 
Alas, it's time for a schedule. Starting about 3 hours ago, we're doing the Baby Wise 4-hour schedule. Don't jump on your judgy train just yet, please. All that means is that I'm trying to get him into an Eat-Sleep-Play routine so that he doesn't associate eating directly with sleeping. 
So far, he's done pretty well. He woke up at 7:30 (after waking at 1:00 and 4:00 through the night), ate at 8:00, but then fell right back to sleep until 9:00. That tells me that 9:00 is most likely his real wake-up time, which I already knew. He ate at 10:30, played until 11:00, then went almost immediately to sleep when I put him down.
This is all I'm really going to try and implement for a while, possibly until we're back home. I don't think he's quite ready for cry it out (CIO) at 4 months for one thing, but he's also sharing a room with his big sister right now, and that certainly wouldn't work. 
So when you're reading this tomorrow (because I'm scheduling it to post Wednesday morning), say a little prayer for us, please. Send sleepy thoughts Geeby's way!


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