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Monday, July 9, 2012

Recruiting and Hotel Living

Here I sit in a lovely Homewood Suites in Pensacola, Florida while one baby naps, the other relaxes with Big Bird and Elmo, and Honey is off to his first day of class at Recruiter School. This is part of the life, isn't it? Lots of time in hotels. I always miss home when we're in a hotel, but these truly aren't bad. And to be honest, we've sort of gotten that hotel-living thing down to a science.

First of all, we've tried to stay in Homewood Suites wherever we go. We can get a bedroom and a living room, which we really need for Katie. My independent sleeper can't have any distractions when it comes to bedtime. That means no Mommy or Daddy hanging out, no tv on.. nothing. And since she became such a big girl last week and started sleeping in a full sized bed, she can sleep on the pull out sofa! That means one less pack n play when we travel, woot! We can also get a full sized refrigerator, which is important for keeping all sorts of KB-friendly snacks and GB bottle-makings on hand.

I've learned that I really can do laundry when we're in a hotel, so I can pack less. I am the world's worst over-packer. I'm so scared I'm not going to have something I need. I did so much better this time, though! There wasn't a single cocktail dress in my suitcase! Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration.. I don't usually bring a cocktail dress. Usually. 

It's hard to narrow the packing down for little ones, though. I may not need a cocktail dress or 14 pairs of shoes, but they still need a ton of stuff. Like booster seats, travel cribs, Bumbos, a gajillion bottles and sippy cups and bowls and plates and plastic forks and spoons. Oh, and at least 2 sets of clothes (not to include pajamas) per day. Sigh. 

Anyway, we're here in Pensacola for 3 weeks while Honey learns to sell the Nuclear Program to unsuspecting college students. Poor kids... I told Honey he should let me come along on recruiting trips to speak to the girlfriends/boyfriends/whoever of the recruits. 

Here's what I would say:

"Run! Run away! Don't look back!  ...That is, unless he's the love of your life, because then, even if you do tell him to shove his ideas of marriage, you'll be back.. you might as well just drink the Nuclear Kool-Aid now. And then, you too can learn the joys of hotel-living."


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