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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newsflash: Thing 2 is not the same as Thing 1

It's true. Almost every single thing that parents note about their babies is different with Baby G.

At 18 weeks (adjusted, so when she was actually 18 weeks + 7 weeks) Katie had been sleeping through the night for well over a month. And I'm not talking any of this "five hours is considered sleeping through the night" garbage. I'm talking, sleeping from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am. It was amazing.

Here at 18 weeks Baby G has yet to sleep through the night. He'll give us a good 7 hour stretch once or twice a week, but that's it. For the most part he still wakes twice a night for bottles.

From about 3 weeks (again, adjusted) until she was nearly 9 months old, feeding KB was a nightmare. It hurt for her to drink anything because of her reflux so we had to literally hold her arms and force bottles down her. I'm telling you, it was heartbreaking every time. She wasn't a big fan of food, either, so I would try new things every few days but mostly just let her do her own thing. "Her own thing" was fewer than 20 oz of formula most days, and it drove me insane.

Baby G, on the other hand, is like a bottomless pit. He drinks at least 30 oz of formula most days, some days more or less. We started solids at 4 months, and you should see this kid suck down sweet potatoes! Oh wait, you can:

Geeby is almost out of 3 month clothes at 4 months old, whereas KB didn't get out of 3 month clothes until she was almost 1. He loves his binky at nap time and she never, ever would take one. Katie never played with toys, she preferred to watch us. G could spin the little noise-maker on his car seat for hours! Or at least for 30 minutes or so.. Katie didn't watch tv until she was over a year old, but Garrett will crane his neck as hard as he can to see the tv.

 The differences just don't end! I suppose this is why new parents always hear "Don't worry, every baby is different!"


  1. Have you added some rice cereal to his bottles? The girls use to eat endless and I added cereal and it helped fill them up for longer periods.

  2. Hey girl! I gave you a blogger Award check out my page for details! :)


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