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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I finally have a minute to write!

Dear Readers, 

Please do not be discouraged by my lack of writing!

I'm kidding.

Many of you are like, "Yeah.. I came across you once in a MilSpouse round up, and followed you because you posted something that kind of made me giggle.  I'm not all into your life, chick."

That's cool!  I do have the occasional witty word or two!  I mean, I'd follow me.. just sayin. (That phrase is entirely over-used, but I continue to use it..)

Moving on.

Our trip home has been great, but it's been whirl-wind!  I actually am feeling a little less stressed on this trip than I did on my 3 previous trips, especially that one where I unexpectedly had a kid 7 weeks early.  That one took the stress cake!

With Mimi during our 4th of July celebration
We've done lots of visiting, and it's been nice.  I miss my besties so very much when we are away.  They truly are the best people I've ever come across.  They are so understanding of my little flaws, especially that one where I tend to overextend myself.  They love me anyway!

KB learning all about Mammaw's homemade delicacies.
Me with *most* of my best friends at the balloon glow
Being with the family has also been wonderful.  KB has taken to all of them just like I knew she would, but she's taken to one family member in such a way that I'm sort of surprised.  Let me tell you, KB LOVES her Uncle Scott!!  Any time he is in the room, she's reaching out for him.  He's even held her a few times, which both surprised me and made me very happy.  You see, Uncle Scott (my first brother) is not a baby person.  At all.

Trying to get Uncle Scott to teach her to text
Another surprising detail is that KB is obsessed with all the dogs in the family.  Hannah, Rikki, and Luther are her new favorite play things.  Well, Luther is.  He's the only one with any actual interest in her.  Poor Sugar, she just can't get Hannah or Rikki to play, no matter how hard she tries!

Loving on Hannah, but Hannah was more interested in the camera.. Sad.
Hannah?  Where you go?
After a big, slobbery kiss from Luther!
In other news, baby girl has taken her first assisted steps, and has grown a toof!  (I really should write tooth, but toof is just so darn fun to say!)  She's also said her first words besides Dada!  That word/words would be Pa-Cay, or, in English, Patty Cake.  She looooves a good game of Patty Cake, and her Mimi was such a good teacher!

KB taking her first assisted steps to Mimi!

At the M Braves game, KB's first baseball game!


  1. Excited to see you soon AND that I show up as a visitor from University, Mississippi!!

  2. I know exactly what Pa-Cay means, hee hee! Found your blog through the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In and love finding other milspouse blogs.

    :) Alma

  3. Yay for baseball games! I loved taking Maks to his first baseball game, I was so glad my dad was there to take him too - my dad is a HUGE baseball fan.

  4. Oh Emily, if that Braves game was in Atlanta, I'm going to be so sad! I have been in KY this summer trying to get the house fixed but I'm coming back to Warner Robins in August. And of course, ATL is only 90 minutes from WR. :( It looks like the trip was GREAT FUN! Was the balloon glow in Atlanta? We had one in Macon for Memorial Day weekend. It was the first I had been to and I love it. They had a huge balloon with a flag design and the Declaration of Independence on it. It was my fave, of course! ;)

    Hope you're settling back into life on the islands. Not missing much back here. Hot. Humid. Sticky. More Georgia paradise.