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Thursday, July 28, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #51

1. Facebook or Twitter?
I've always been more of a Facebook kinda girl, but these days I'm tweeting more often. I like the fact that I don't feel like a spammer when I update a lot.

2. Hard tacos or soft tacos?
Why must we choose?? I actually prefer my own, which I fry myself. They start off as soft corn tortillas, but after I fry them, they're a little crispy.

3. Gardening or crafting?
Truthfully, I'm not big on either, though I would like to be. After just a few days of helping mom gather tomatoes from her garden, I can see that I would enjoy it. I like that you can see the fruits of your labor. (Pun intended.)

4. Fruits or vegetables?
Vegetables! I never really enjoyed fruit more than occasionally until I was pregnant with KB. I craved pineapple and bananas a lot then, but I've always loved fresh veggies. I guess that stems from growing up with parents and grandparents who gardened.

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?
Motorcycle! I have always been an adrenaline junky. I'm just usually to scared to act on it.


  1. I guess now #1 question is going to have to be Facebook, Twitter, or Google+! Hahaha. And I hear ya on the gardening thing...I usually plant a whole batch of herbs at the beginning of the summer and by July, everything is dead. I just did rosemary this year and so far so good....'s too bad you aren't still craving pineapple and are in the land of plenty now! ;)

    Happy Champagne Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. I've joined the Twitterverse recently. So true about the spammer thing because yes, I am one of those Facebookers who post goofy things that my kids say. People who haven't seen me since high school are wondering why is this chick such a weirdo. Or are confirming what they already know, LOL!

    Champagne Fridays?! Yes please! Have a wonderful weekend!