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Friday, September 28, 2012

Emily Got Crafty!

Now that I have a minuscule amount of time on my hands, I've started to get bored. There are just so many times one can vacuum the floors. Am I right, ladies?? I needed a hobby, and fast. I also needed an Ole Miss door wreath, and refused to pay $40+shipping on Etsy. (Now I'm hoping someone else wants one like mine and is willing to pay $25+shipping on Etsy!)

First I made my Ole Miss Football wreath

Cute, huh?? And check out how stinking precious it makes the front of our house. Hotty Toddy!

And this is what the fabrics and ribbon look like up close.

I love, love, loved making it, and I loved how it turned out, so I made one for Halloween!

How stinking cute is that??  Here are these fabrics up close!

I had enough left-over fabric to make a double of the Halloween one, and I have enough red, white and blue fabric to make probably 3 more Ole Miss ones. I'm starting on my Thanksgiving wreath now, and I already have some Christmas fabric ready to go! If you're interested in a wreath, I'm selling them for $25-$35, depending on the wreath. I even have my own Etsy shop now, so go check me out! I promise lots more to come!