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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Girl Goes To School

KB started school on the 5th. Please don't think I'm a terrible stay at home Mommy for having her start school at 2. She only goes for 3 hours a day, 2 days a week. And I can assure you, she was beyond ready. By her 2nd birthday, she knew all of the basic colors, could count to 10, and knew the entire alphabet, even out of order. Want to see??

So maybe you can understand how I could feel it was time that she got a little professional teaching. Another important thing was friends. This kid is a super social creature, and I think she needed a little more interaction from kids her age. She was getting 1 hour a week at gymnastics, and 1 hour a week at church, but she needs to play!

First day of school!
So very excited!
And play, she does. On her very first morning, she kissed me goodbye and ran off on her own. On her second day, I showed up to get her and asked if she was ready to come home. She said, "No. Bye, Mommy!" and ran off to keep playing with a little boy.  Every morning we go, she sits in her car seat and sings "New friends, I see my new friends!" on repeat. 

I love her teacher, Ms. Julie! I think she genuinely cares about all of the kids in the class. And, she has great ideas for crafts! Katie comes home with something she has made every day she goes, and she's so proud of it! She shows it to me with a big flourish, and then we hang it on the refrigerator together. 

This week's fridge art. We change it out weekly!

While I felt really guilty for putting KB in school at first, now I'm so glad we did it. She's growing even more as a beautiful, intelligent young girl, and I get 6 hours a week to spend with only Thing 2. Of course, he naps 4 of those 6 hours, but that's alright, too.


  1. I know what you mean. Lily is exactly like KB. She knows her whole alphabet, counts to ten, can do puzzles and knows her colors. She knows large words like motorcycle and stethoscope. She's very social! <3

    She loves school. However, she goes 8-6 M, W, and F. People will argue with me that it's daycare, but it's not. I put her in there to benefit her. She loves her friends also. Though she does cry when we leave, she also cries when I pick her up.

    I'm glad KB is having fun! <3

  2. She is so freaking adorable. Love her doing the alphabets! :)