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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vacation Part III: Family Time! -- Or -- Why Katie Needs a Dog

Now that I'm a good 2 weeks removed from being home in November, I can't think of anything to write. We had a truly wonderful time! By far my favorite part was getting to see Katie Beth bond with her extended family members. For instance, at first she was a little wary of her Papa, Jason's dad.  But by the time we left two weeks later, she was all about giving him hugs and kisses.

She learned how to ride a horsey while we were in Tennessee!

Our niece Shelby was definitely Katie's favorite family member. Shelby is 3, and is a wonderful older cousin! She played with Katie, shared with her, talked to her.. it was so sweet! Katie wanted to be where Shelby was at all times. She smothered Shelby with kisses, gave her big hugs.. and the sweetest thing ever.. Shelby got scolded for something and she cried. KB climbed close to her and wiped her tears away! I'm telling you, Katie Beth LOVED Shelby! That makes me so happy because I know that a girl's cousins are her very first best friends. I am so looking forward to the day that KB and Shelby are telling secrets in their bedrooms, or giggling about boys.

Shelby and Katie Beth - Cousin love!

KB's second favorite person wasn't a person at all. In fact, it wasn't even *one* of anything. If there was a dog around, KB was a happy girl. In fact, there were times where she wouldn't even say the name of the person we were with, but she would learn the dog's name in a matter of minutes. She never said Papa, Pop, Mimi, Mammaw or Pappaw.. but she did say versions of the names Hannah, Ally, Luther, and Lacey. We seriously have to get this kid a dog soon.

Getting reacquainted with Lu-Lu (Luther)

Roxie coming in for kisses

Getting love from A-La-La (Ally)

Getting totally ignored by An-Na (Hannah)


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