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Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Garrett in pictures (up to 28 weeks)

One of the very nice perks of having a high risk pregnancy is that Mommy and Baby are both monitored very closely. To that end, I have:

A Nurse Practitioner for Gestational Diabetes
A Dietitian
A Maternal Fetal Specialist for Gestational Diabetes
A Maternal Fetal Specialist monitoring my blood pressure

So yes, Baby G and I have been well taken care of.

The by-product of being so well looked after is lots of ultrasounds. Lots and lots of ultrasounds. As of today, I've had 6, and as of tomorrow, I will be 28 weeks along.

So since I have an entire album of Baby G's ultrasound pictures, I thought I'd share a few.

Our little Bean at 8 weeks
Hiding his face with his hands, 14 weeks

Incontrovertible proof that Baby is a boy! - 14 weeks
Sucking his thumb, 24 weeks
His little feeties! 25 weeks
Arm up by his head, 25 weeks

28 weeks - This one looks a bit creepy, sorry about that. It's because his face was smushed up next to the placenta, apparently. This is actually the least creepy face picture from today. You're welcome.


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