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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Families We Choose

It's true that no one can ever take the place of the people who give birth to you, raise you, love you unconditionally. 

That's a fact. 

Unless, of course, you were adopted, then it isn't the people who birth you that matter. 

Or, unless you just plain out don't like your family, and then they don't matter even though they raised you.. but I'm already getting off track.

What I mean is that when you have a family that you really love, and even really like, no one could ever take the place of them in your heart. 

But when you live 4,200 miles away from your closest family member, the holidays can be tough. 

So what do you do? 

You create your own little family, and you get to choose who is in it!

This year we had a bunch of friends over for (what we have now decided was) the First Annual Frederick Christmas Eve Wine Party. We had a bunch of food, too many bottles of wine to count, and so, so much fun. It was so nice to be surrounded with most of the people who matter in our lives. 

Sure.. every single one of them was a member of our Ward Room, but hey.. your boat family is supposed to be like your family, right??  I'm so glad that our's really is. 

While Jason and I are both very excited about being in Tennessee next year, we are going to miss this group of people we've come to care so much for. I'm surprisingly glad that we extended (twice now, actually) so that we'll get more time with them.

And, while we're very glad that we'll finally be close to our families and old friends again, it will be nice to know that we have friends all over the country, and eventually, all over the world. 

Yes, Navy.. I am saying that I'm grateful to you for providing us with that opportunity.

And don't tell anyone, but I'm also grateful that I'll get to spend the majority of my life on a beach somewhere. That part doesn't suck, either. 


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