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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craftiness: Christmas Card Display Boards

It's very rare that I have a moment where I feel like being crafty. In fact, it's so rare, that the last crafty thing I did was KB's birthday tutu back in August. So yeah.. It happens a few times a year.  Well, I got the crafty bug earlier this week, partly because I realized I was running out of space to display our Christmas cards. I looked around on Pinterest and Google for some display ideas, and didn't find anything that I loved. So I made something of my own! I'm not at all saying that this has never been done before. In fact, I'm sure that I got this idea from somewhere, just not in my searching the other day. So anyway, here's my board!

Materials: 1 18x24 wrapped canvas, 1 yard of my ridiculously shiny fabric, batting and some craft ribbon.

First, I took 1 18x24 inch wrapped canvas, and covered it with batting to give the board some volume. I didn't want it to be all flat, ya know?  I measured out the batting at 22x28 inches, and hot-glued it on.

Then I measured out my fabric. I realized that the 22x28 I used for the batting was a little bit too much and cut some off, so that's also the measurement I used for the fabric.

So I hot glued them on, too. I cut the corners diagonally into the board so that the fabric would wrap around them better, by the way. I figure that's common sense, but who knows..

Last came the ribbon. I wanted 3 vertical lines to hang my cards on, so I cut 3 strips of ribbon. I don't know how long they were, to be honest. I just wrapped it around to the back of the board and snipped when there was enough to wrap around both sides.  I measured the board, and for 3 strips of ribbon to be on it, they would need to be 5 inches apart, from the closest side of the ribbon, not from the middle. 


Now, for my finished products. I made 2, and decided to go with silver for the other one since there is also a lot of silver in my house already. Here we are, cards and all!


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