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Friday, November 9, 2012

Shopping small and local

While out perusing some yard sales and craft fairs last week, I made a big decision. I decided to only buy Christmas gifts from local or other small businesses. So far, I've put a huge dent in my shopping, and I've yet to make a single purchase from a big box store.

So in this effort, I wanted to be sure I supported my friends in their small businesses, too. I've got some great ones to show you!

The ones you've heard of before:

These are the businesses you've probably heard of before, as they've been around a long time. They aren't technically small businesses, but their employees are independent consultants.

First up is my friend Yvonne, who is an AdvoCare Consultant. Advocare is a health and wellness company that offers energy, weight-loss, and sports performance products. You can read all about the company here:, and you can shop around in Yvonne's personal store here:

We've all heard of Pampered Chef, right? Personally, I'm obsessed with Pampered Chef's products. There was a point in time when Jason asked me to take it easy on the PC stuff. As you can imagine, they are really nice kitchen gadgets, bakeware, knives, etc. Anybody who enjoys his kitchen needs to check out these products. They're all good quality, and ship to you quickly! 

Here is my friend Shanna's Pampered Chef page:

Next up is my own. I'm a Scentsy Independent Consultant, and I absolutely love this gig! In case you live under a rock, I will tell you about Scentsy. We sell wickless wax that is warmed with a decorative lamp. We sell small globe-type table lamps and wall plug-ins to warm the wax. We also sell travel tins of wax, scent paks (like sachee packs), room spray, body wash and lotion, etc. Here is my sight. I'm always ready to host an online party for you to earn free stuff, so just let me know!

Girly Stuff:
I wrote about my mother in law's store, Shelby Kate Designs, in the last post. She does custom hairbows, and pony tail holders, clippies, etc. But another thing she's getting a lot of requests for are bow holders.

Is that not the sweetest thing? Katie is going to need one soon enough to hold all her bows! SKD can be found at

Next up is my friend Marie from Marie's Ribbon Creations. She makes hair bows too, but my favorites are her little hair clippies. Katie has a bow-holder full of stuff that Marie made! They are precious, and you should check them out here:!/mariesribboncreations?fref=ts

I'm going to put my second shop under this heading, too. I make baby blankets, loveys, and pacifier holders. I sell them on Etsy, but I also take custom orders. And be sure to check out the submarine blankets!

And, under her entirely own section, is my friend Jessica, who owns The Little Black Boat (which you can find at She makes little wood houses that say "Home is where the Navy sends us" and then lists your duty stations below on slats. I love these signs! I have one with our family's names on it, and I think it's almost time for my house sign, too :)

I know these are only a very few small businesses for your consideration, but I urge you to shop personally this year. Walk into small shops, check out Etsy shop owners. Go to craft fairs, and even yard sales. Good luck!