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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hotty Toddy! Go LEBBELS!

There comes a time in every little girl and boy's life when she or he attends his or her first Ole Miss Rebel football game!

The first thing they have to do is stand in the Grove for the Walk Of Champions, where all the players walk through the crowd on the way to the stadium.

Then, after the band plays Dixie and the fight song, they walk to the stadium.

And on the way, they see the back side of the big Jumbo Tron for the first time. It's HUGE! 

Once they get to their seats, they get to see the band on the field for the first time, and it is seriously a life-changing event.

Then, the big moment arrives! The Ole Miss Rebels come out into the stadium! Yay! 

And then comes the best part of the pre-game festivities! The Hotty Toddy! Traditionally, a celebrity, news-maker or much-loved Rebel leads the crowd in Hotty Toddy. Since this game was Veteran's Day weekend, it was only fitting that a loved Rebel Marine NROTC instructor (and Iraq war veteran), Gunnery Sergeant Stephen Roberts lead the stadium in Hotty Toddy.

As an aside, here's a link to a story that explains why GySgt Roberts is a loved Rebel:    

And of course, before the game starts, babies have to take a few more pictures..

And then its finally time for some football!!

And then, not much later, watching football gives way to sleepy-time. For the record, real Rebel babies can sleep just fine in the stadium!

But sometimes, the excitement of winning some football gets to be too much, and a nap just can't happen.

But then you might start to lose the game, and a nap will seem like a much better idea..

When it's all over, every Rebel boy and girl has had such a great time at their first football game. They yell "Hotty Toddy!! Go Lebbels!!" as loudly as they can, they make Mommy walk up and down the bleacher stairs 90 times for bathroom trips, and they scream for the band to come back on the field a lot more than they scream for more football.  But at the end of the day, they are all smiles, because they know that real Rebels may not win every game (even against Vandy.. yikes.), but they never lose a party.

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  1. Oh my goodness the cuteness never ends. And you look amazing! Love seeing you guys make what you love a family affair!