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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thoughts on Pregnancy Part 3 - I'm a lab rat

So now that the bloggy world knows the gamut of issues I'm dealing with, I'll go into detail about the tests they are subjecting me to. I use the term "subjecting" very loosely. In fact, I'm happy to have every single test they've got. Well.. I wouldn't want an amniocentesis, but I'd still do it if I needed to.

When Dr. Chapman first heard my medical history, she got me doing bloodwork STAT. I did blood tests to see if I had any underlying conditions that may cause high BP, to check my liver enzymes, and to check my blood platelet level. All were totally normal, and all have been repeated twice since then, and I wouldn't be surprised if she did the tests again in a few weeks, just to be sure.

Soon after that I began seeing a Maternal Fetal Internist for my BP at the Fetal Diagnostic Institute at Kapi'olani Women's and Children's hospital. They did the same thing - ran a bunch of tests, did some ultrasounds, had me pee in a jug for 24 hours, etc. Everything came back perfectly normal.

Since I had GD with KB, the chances were high that I would get it this time around, too. So Dr. Chapman tested me for that early on. Yep, I had it. So then I got a new specialist in a new office. Now I am also seeing a Maternal Fetal Internist for Gestational Diabetes at Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific. See how confusing that can get??

What's fun is that all of these separate offices and separate doctors, specialists, and nurse practitioners are all giving me ultrasounds. Thus, we've seen Baby G a grand total of 11 times so far, with another one scheduled for Friday.

Right now I get to see Baby G at least once a week until I deliver. It's not a big 4d ultrasound or anything; just a quick little one to measure the amount of amniotic fluid in there. Before that happens (every Tuesday) I get strapped down to a reclining chair and they monitor me for contractions and monitor Baby G's heart. Starting next Tuesday, I do that not just once, but twice a week until he comes. 

This is all in conjunction with measuring my blood sugar levels four times a day, reporting those numbers to the GD team that monitors me once a week, and seeing the Dr. there once a month. 

See what I mean?? I'm a lab rat! But the knowledge that my baby boy is growing just like he should be keeps me from caring that I get poked and prodded a lot. 


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