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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

25 Questions for a Military Spouse

I just saw this cute questionnaire, (think old MySpace style) over at  The Misadventures of Mrs. Duh and I thought it sounded like fun. Besides, I haven't blogged in a while for one thing, and for another, it's nap time :)  Ahhh, quiet in my house!

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

You want the truth? Because we've been lying about it for years. As it turns out, lots of people we know have met their significant others online, so it's not as big of a deal anymore. We met online. 

We both had profiles on some cheesy dating site, but neither of us were willing to actually pay for it. So, I think I saw his first and did whatever that site's version of Facebook poking was, and then he went and found me on Facebook. He knew that my name was Emily and that I went to Ole Miss. That was it. So he searched through all 300 something Emily's until he found me, and luckily my profiles pictures matched. We messaged back and forth for a few days, then talked for a few days, then he drove down to Oxford and we went out. 

The rest of our story is very long.. We dated for 2 months, broke up because I was an idiot, didn't speak for 2 years, got back together in January 09, and got married 3 months later. I'll have to write about that some day :)

September 06, Jason's first Ole Miss game

2. How old were you when you met?

He was 22 and I was 21. We spent my 22nd birthday together shortly after we met, though.

3. How long have you been together?

Three years now, but we met almost five and a half years ago.

4. Where are you and your spouse originally from?

I'm from a tiny town in central Mississippi called Florence, and he's a Navy brat. He was born in Idaho where his mother's family still lives, and has lived all over. His dad retired from the Navy when he was in middle school, and they settled down in a Northwest Tennessee town called Dyersburg.

5. How did you feel about him joining the military?

He had already joined when we met, but he hadn't gone to OCS yet. This was actually part of the reason I dumped him.. I wasn't convinced I wanted to follow him around the world. Silly me ;)

6. Where did your spouse go to basic training?

He attended OCS in Pensacola, Florida, then Nuclear Power School and Prototype in Charleston, SC, then Sub School in Groton, CT.

7. Has your spouse ever been deployed?

Why yes, he has.. In our three years attached to this command, his first, he's been actually deployed three times, but we've done five big-ish separations for other boat movement.

8. Ever been to his promotion ceremony?

I'm very bitter about this, but no. His first one took place under the water somewhere, and his most recent one took place in the Shipyard, where I don't have clearance to be.

9. How long have you been a military wife?

Two years, nine months and six days.

10. Did you marry him before or after he joined?

After he joined and went through all of those tedious schools, but right before he left for his first duty station.

11. How did your husband propose?

Ah, such a sweet story..  We decided to get married with very little time to spare before he left for Guam. I knew he had the ring, but I suggested that we go on and do a tiny little ceremony before he left, and do our big wedding months later. He almost didn't go through with his planned proposal since we had already decided to get married, but my wonderful best friend told him he HAD TO. So here's what he did.

He kept telling me to not make plans for Wednesday, so I knew it was going to be then. Well, early in the week, I made dinner plans for the two of us to meet up with two of my best friends at our favorite restaurant on Tuesday. I met him and the best friends there right after work.. which meant work clothes, no make up, etc. 

One of my best friends happens to be a manager at this restaurant, and after we had all eaten, he announced that he wanted dessert.. Did anyone else? This place makes fantastic cakes, so I piped up for a slice of cake. He came back, and this is what he had:

Well, I can't find a picture of just the cake on my computer, so an engagement photo will have to do. My best friend was holding this cake, and set it down in front of me. Jason was on my left, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  My face looked like this:

See how cute I am with no make up, and my hair just hanging out? Yeah, after I got over the complete shock that he had actually surprised me, and after I got over how gorgeous the ring was, I was annoyed that no one had warned me to wear make up.

12. Where did you get married?

Under a white columned pavilion, beside a lake in Grenada, Mississippi.

13. How old were you when you got married?

I was 24 and he was 25.

14. Did he wear his uniform on your wedding day?

Nope. This was supposed to be our quick little ceremony, not the whole shebang. He planned to wear his uniform at our big one, which never took place.

15. Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?

At Pearl Harbor, the Navy's Best Homeport! Heh.. those signs crack me up. But really, we do love it here.

16. Do you live on base?

Nope. Base housing for his paygrade and for how many children we had when we got here (1) was crap. We live in beautiful, gorgeous, Kaneohe.

17. How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation?

Ha. A grand total of seven days. Yes, seven. One week. He flew to Guam on April 12, and I followed him in early July.

18. What is your favorite base so far?

I do really like Pearl Harbor. San Diego is nice, too. The only other Navy bases I've experienced are Big Navy Guam, New London, CT and NAS Millington in TN. So yes, Pearl Harbor wins.

19. Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform?

Are you kidding me?! Those Summer Whites make me get all prickly inside. Twitterpated, even.  And I won't even get started on Dress Whites. Lord, have mercy!

20. Do you think military life is more advanced than civilian life?

I don't know how to respond to "advanced". It's different, and very unique. It takes a special breed of woman to do this well.

21. Do you like the benefits you receive as a military spouse?

Um, who is going to say no to good, cheap healthcare, tax-free grocery shopping, free airfare on military flights, cheap lodging all around the world, and the opportunity to actually take advantage of said cheap lodging??  Not me. Yes, I appreciate those benefits!

22. Do you have a lot of military wife friends?

I do now, both in the form of ladies I've met since I became one, and friends I've always had who became MilSpouses themselves. I've made some wonderful friendships since I left Mississippi, and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

23. What is the hardest part of military life?

For me, the most obvious answer is being far away from my family, especially during tough times. Like when my first baby was due and my husband was about to deploy, or when my grandmother's brother passed away and I couldn't go home for the funeral.. Or now, when my Jason's grandmother and my own great-grandmother are neither fairing well, and we know we can't do anything to help, and we won't be able to attend funerals if they pass away. 

24. Do you own military wife stuff?

Hmm.. I do have some Navy Victoria's Secret pj's, but they don't say "Navy Wife" or anything. I also have an "I Love My Sailor" magnet. I think some things are cute, but I'm not the type to buy them for myself.

25. Do you support your spouse being in the military?

That's my job. I support whatever makes him happy. As long as what makes him happy is driving a multi-billion dollar piece of submerged steel, then I will support him being in the military.


  1. I'm so glad we weren't the only ones who lied about meeting online for awhile! Great pictures, too!

  2. So glad HI is treating you and your crew well! It's a crazy life isn't it? Seems these days more of the online matches last than the face to face starters!

  3. It is crazy! We've been lying about the online thing until pretty recently. I think Jason just actually told the truth for the first time last weekend.

    Thanks, Sam! We're going to be sad to leave Hawaii.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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