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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Thoughts on Pregnancy Part 1

You know, pregnancy isn't supposed to be tricky. 

One would think that since women have been doing this since time eternal, it would be a breeze. We get pregnant, feel crappy for a few months, feel great for a few months, feel miserable for a few months, and then we have a brand new baby to make it all worth it. 

Isn't that how it's supposed to go? 

Unfortunately for many of us, that isn't the way of things. I've learned so much this pregnancy that most women never know. I'm not really bitter about it, because I know it has all been a part of a plan much bigger than mine, but I would like to share.

My first fun little issue is this: 1) I have Gestational Diabetes, which is really quite manageable. The concept is very easy. The placenta keeps my body from producing the insulin it needs during pregnancy, so sugar doesn't dissolve like it should. The extra sugar pretty much goes straight to baby. The main concern with GD is that mother could easily gain a lot of weight, and then baby can get too large. This is treated by eating a low carb diet and exercising regularly. 

The first few months after I was diagnosed, I had it so easy. I quickly learned that I could still eat whatever I wanted as long as I got off my tush and moved during the hour after eating. Same applies if I just kept moving all day, which, as many of you know, is easy to do when you have a 15 month old. My GD specialist told me that was mainly because I was only borderline diabetic when they got my positive test. He warned me though, that as the pregnancy goes on, my placenta will be less and less able to produce insulin. Read as: Enjoy eating cake now, because when you're 8 months pregnant, it'll all be over.

Well, that was a fact. Here in the last 2 weeks, my numbers have creeped higher and higher. I think it's a combination of being less active because I'm more pregnant, and the GD just creeping up on me because I'm more pregnant. Those first 2 months were nice, though. But here I am, 8 months pregnant, and I'm no longer supposed to eat dessert. Or bread in normal quantities. Or fruit in the mornings, when the hormones are highest. Big sigh. 

This is really hard for me for a few reasons. 

First of all, I've only gained 12 lbs. I'm actually on the very bottom of my "recommended weight gain" scale. So, hello? I'm not getting too big. 

Secondly, Baby G is firmly in the 50th percentile for his weight. His length is closer to the 75th percentile, but that has nothing to do with GD, it's just because his Daddy is a tall dude. 

Thirdly, I HAD A TWO POUND BABY 17 MONTHS AGO. Lord in Heaven, GIVE ME A PORKER! I'll take a 9 pound baby any day!

My OB is actually very supportive of my feelings on this. In fact, at my last appointment, she helped a lot. She explained that it was the HELLP syndrome that caused KB to be so small. Pre-eclampsia does that. So her words were "GD causes big babies. Pre-e causes small babies. You probably will have both. So while I'm not telling you to have cake and sodas every day, don't freak out over the diet. Be zen. Take it easy." I love my OB.

I just realized that I have quite a lot to say on this topic of my pregnancy with Baby G. Since I don't want this post to cross your eyes from having to read so much, I'm going to do them in parts. Tomorrow, boys and girls, we'll learn about pre-eclampsia!! 

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  1. I'm glad your OB is so supportive. Here's wishing you a healthy remainder of your pregnancy with no further complications!


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