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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've had more than one conversation recently about the "importance" of Facebook.  I feel like I've devoted entirely too much of my life to a website, but I don't know how to quit! I know for a fact that I could never just deactivate my account and step away. It's far too good of a tool for keeping up with friends and family, especially when we live so far apart. It just wouldn't be feasible to email all the pictures and updates of Katie Beth to our various family members and friends. My friend mentioned taking a break from Facebook and spending more time on her blog, and that may be an idea for me.  I would enjoy spending more time on my blog, that part is for sure.

So what's bothering me?


Facebook used to be fun!  Now all I ever see are things that are insanely stupid, or political debates, or hurt feelings, or something else that makes me angry.  I see rudeness, obnoxiousness, and ignorance.  I don't allow those things in my REAL life, so why would I want to read about them online? It just makes my blood pressure go up.

Recently I've seen Facebook...


Let me stop right there.

It is not Facebook's fault that people act the way they do on there.  It isn't Mark Zuckerberg's fault that people lose all social awareness when they let their fingers do the talking.  I need people to understand that just because their words are coming through a computer screen does not make them any less THEIR WORDS.  I think people get braver when they know the reader isn't looking them in the eye, and it makes me sad. Your words can be just as hurtful and harmful when they are written in an online medium as they are when said face to face. Really, folks.. you need to remember that.

So, I will change my words to say this:  Recently I've seen people USE Facebook to ruin friendships, relationships, families.. and I hate it.

Then there are the things that just make me roll my eyes. Seriously, people? Your relationship does not belong on Facebook. Sure, I talk about my Honey on Facebook all the time. Know what I don't do? Post when we argue. Post when we stop arguing. Post that we just made up, for Heaven's sake.. (You know what I mean!)

I know I'm not the first person to come to this conclusion, and I surely won't be the last. I also know that many of you are scoffing at my attempt at laying off Facebook. And sure, it may not come to anything. Then again, I may just post less on there, and more often on here and Twitter. I definitely will not be deactivating my account.. I mean, after all, where would I get my drama fix??


  1. Yay! Another well written blog! I soooo wanted to put a very sarcastic one liner on here, but I didn't! Whyyyyy not? Cause it would've been an obvious nod to a recent drama case that unfolded and probably hurt someone's feelings. So, hmmm....I decided to do the better thing AND NOT PUT A COMMENT with a slam buried in it's meaning! I am once again proud of you for taking the high road AND THINKING before you do something that has impact on others. I love you babygirl! Momma

  2. I think any place people congregate becomes tainted because people are people. I utilize the HIDE tool quite a bit. :)


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