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Thursday, January 27, 2011

No really.. Less is more.

First of all, this isn't an Emily is trying to lose weight blog, though it certainly could be.  This also isn't a philosophical blog.  Yet.  This is a straight forward, matter of fact, truth blog.

Preparing for our move to Hawaii has brought a lot to my mind.  I was in the shower just now when I realized how much crap we have.  Our master bathroom could be used as a metaphor for our cluttered lives.  In the shower, there are 2 cans of shaving cream (both mine), 3 razors (2 mine, 1 Jason's), 4 loofahs (2 for each of us), 4 bottles of shower gel (2 each), 4 bottles of shampoo (3 are mine..) and 3 bottles of conditioner (all mine). Why, why, WHY do I have multiples of everything?  Why don't I throw anything away?  And even more curiously, why does Jason, a man, have multiple bottles of shower gel??

It doesn't end there.  Just stroll over to my vanity and you will find 2 tubes of deodorant, 2 bottles of eye makeup remover and 2 little tubs of moisturizer.  Just so you know, the 2 containers of makeup remover and moisturizer are exact duplicates.  And furthermore, all 4 have been opened.. I'm not just saving one for when the other one runs out.  Under my vanity is just as bad.  2 cans of mousse, 2 cans of hairspray.. (I NEVER do my hair.  I have this terrible habit of thinking that I'm going to look extra hot on a night out if I buy hair products.  Nope.  I look the same.)  There are 3 bottles of lotion on my vanity, and 3 under it.  And, to top it all off, there are 6 contact lens cases.

Alright, so what is wrong with me?  Do I see something in the store and think that I just absolutely can't live without it, even though I have the exact same thing at home?  Do I think that this product must be better than it's predecessor, even though they have the same ingredients?  I'm really annoyed with myself over this, and I didn't even get into the terrible make up habit.  Hello, 3 tubes of unopened mascara.

So now I'm obsessed with using things up so that I don't have to pack them.  I'm starting with the bottles of shampoo that have the least in them and using them first.  Different strategy with the body wash - I'm using the huge bottle in hopes of only having to pack the small bottle.  I'm randomly choosing scented lotions when I get out of the shower instead of my traditional Vaseline brand stuff.

Oh, and I'm going to stop buying crap.  Seriously.. This is a problem.

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  1. Quite the common theme of late. :) In the last few months I've taken at least half a dozen truck beds full of stuff to NMCRS, and have another waiting once I get the kayak out of my truck.

    I read a healthy living blog at , and right now she's doing a "Home Neat Home" series. As a result, this week I've simplified, organized and cleaned out the kitchen and master bedroom. Very freeing!