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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three quarters of a year!

It's hard to believe that my little GusGus has been out in this world longer than he baked in my belly. The past nine months have been tough, I'm not going to lie.. But this little dude just makes everything better with that huge grin of his. People comment all the time that he's the "smiliest" baby they've ever seen. He's also the busiest baby ever, even according to his pediatrician.

So here are some things that make Garrett my little Geeby. He's so wonderfully himself, with his funny little personality.

He puts up with shopping trips.

He tries new foods all the time, and eagerly!

And usually, he likes them!

He wears hats without complaining.

And sometimes he leaves them on.

He likes the presents I make for him.

He gives the best cuddles.

And the best kisses. Lots of them!

He lets me dress him up in funny outfits.

He's really inquisitive.

Really, really inquisitive.

He's also artsy!

And an actor.

He's a trooper when Mommy wants a million pictures.

He's a really fun little dude.

Who really loves his big sister!

And his Daddy.

And most importantly, his Mommy.

(Who obviously loves him a ton, because she posted this picture of herself.. Yikes.)

This little dude has changed our lives so much. We couldn't be more grateful for the past 9 months of crazy!