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Monday, February 13, 2012

We've Got Orders!!

I'm not sure when, exactly, they came in, but HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS!!  We've got orders!!

That probably shouldn't be a big deal, but I've heard one too many military horror stories where orders just take forever to come in, and then when they do, you're going somewhere other than where your verbal confirmation told you. 

"Sure, Lt. Frederick.. we told you to plan for Millington, but we're actually sending you to Bahrain. Tell your family goodbye!"

"Sorry, Mrs. Frederick. We know you were excited about Millington, but now you can be stoked about Norfolk/Bangor/Groton!" -  Vomit.

So, now we get to officially start the process of moving back home. 


Where there are things such as sweet tea, crickets that chirp at night, and roadways that drive into other states! 

Where our family is close by, our friends are a short drive away, and, and.. 

I almost tear up when I write this.. 

There is a Newk's within driving distance. 

Glory be!


  1. I remember when we found out we were going back to Mississippi... pure joy. Now I wish I had done this or that and especially that thing I meant to do but never did when we lived on an island in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Live it up.

  2. I agree having orders in hand is a great feeling. Hope your move back stateside goes smoothly!

  3. Yeah, I know for a fact that I'm going to miss Hawaii. Right now my entire house smells like Gardenias simply because my windows are open. In February. This is going to be hard to leave.