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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very sweet surprise

Yesterday, a friend and fellow expecting mom (and also a fellow wardroom wife) and I were surprised with a baby shower! It was small, and intimate, just the wardroom, and it was so sweet! I don't think either of us were expecting a shower since these are our second babies, so we were doubly surprised.

It's so nice to have a group of ladies who care enough to do little things like this when you are far from home. My good friend Paula put it all together with the help of the other ladies in the wardroom, and it was so sweet. I didn't get many pictures, but they did a wonderful job!

I'm sorry the photo quality is so bad, something was up with my camera. No idea.. Anyway, here I am with Briett, the other Mommy. Notice how our leis are open? It's a Hawaiian tradition to never put a fully enclosed lei around the neck of an expecting mother; it could cause the cord to wrap around the baby's neck. I love old traditions like that!

Pink and blue cupcakes since I am expecting a boy and Briett is having a little girl. They were absolutely delicious! Paula used a little bit of coconut extract in the frosting, and it was amazing! Like, really amazing. You should ask for her recipe.

Mason jars for lemonade made me so happy! And, I'm pretty sure the lemonade was sugar free because somebody loves my little diabetic self. I'm sorry for everyone else who was expecting sweet lemonade, but I thought it was wonderful!

Some of Baby G's new duds. There will never be a shortage of nautical themed clothing in our house.

More cuteness. Baby G has wonderful Aunties!

Precious blanket! Just so you all know, these can be special ordered from the Dolphin Store on Pearl, and any other Sub Base, I bet. I love it! 
Baby G also received a really, really cute "Newest Member of the USS City of Corpus Christi" onesie, but at the time I took pictures, it had already made it's way into the laundry. We're going to need that one for the hospital!

Though the gifts are wonderful, and useful, and very thoughtful, what means the most is the shower itself. I know Briett and I really felt the love. Thank you ladies so much!

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  1. That's awesome for you and Briett! Wish I was there to celebrate with you gals!