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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rambling thoughts on my first real week of Mommyhood.

I thought my life would get a little easier when Katie Beth came home from the NICU, and in some ways, it has. I'm not driving all over creation anymore just to see her, but I am getting a lot less sleep.  People constantly say "Sleep when she sleeps!".  Dude, if it were that easy, I'd be all over it.  She tends to sleep a lot during the day, and negligible amounts of sleeping are done at night.  I just have stuff that I need to do during the day!  Granted, not as much stuff as I'd have to do if I were living on my own right now, but still.  Good gracious, that makes me think how grateful I am for being able to be home with my family during this time.  I would be a crazy mess if I was in Guam and didn't have somebody helping me with her.

All the time I think "How do single moms do this?"  Seriously, you girls have got my respect for life.  I am the one up with Katie Beth most nights, but when Mammaw gets up in the mornings, she takes her from me for a few hours so I can sleep.  Also, since I am here at home, I'm not the only one who can cook or clean.  I can't imagine having to be up with KB all night, then go to work at some job all day.  For that matter, I can't imagine not being able to sleep for a few hours because I have to watch over her all day.  My head hurts just thinking about it.

Katie Beth still hasn't been able to latch but once.  That is getting frustrating, but by God, I'm still trying.  There won't be anything in the world for my baby better than my own milk.  I also really don't want to buy formula.  It won't be as good for her, and I'll have to pay for it.. So WHY would I want to do that?!  Pumping and then feeding from a bottle is annoying, but its apparently what I have to do for right now.  She's growing so big and strong, that I know I'm doing something right.  Now if she would just sleep during the nighttime hours, I would be doing really great.

On the personal front, I've gotten back down to pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm pretty sure that breastfeeding is the reason that's happened so fast, too.  It was only a grand total of about 12 lbs after I lost the water weight, but I have lost it in just a month.. That's pretty awesome if you ask me.  Now I just need to lose about 15 more, and I'll be down to pre-college weight.  How awesome would that be??  Jason won't know what to think when he sees me in December!


  1. So glad to hear you're adjusting , even if it means little sleep. Sounds trite but hang in there, you'll get more used to it, and she'll begin to sleep more and on a more regular schedule. If you were in Guam MANY would be helping out. But not as live ins. LOL

    It's great to see you're still pumping and not giving up on nursing. It's such a wonderful thing. You could be a poster Mom for all those who tried once and said "It didn't work, I give up."

    Yay for losing the baby weight so fast! We won't recognize you back here either, I'll think some other chick is trying to break in next door. ;) Take care of yourself and KB!

  2. Aww, it will get better! I could never ever sleep when Fox slept during the day, plus I was the only one who ever got up with him in the night and didn't have anyone to help me so I know that dead-tired feeling all too well. She will eventually start sleeping through the night, so you just have to have patience (easy to say, hard to do, I KNOW!!)

    I'm jealous about your weight loss! I GAINED 30 lbs. breastfeeding! I'm so happy for you, though, you look beautiful in all your pictures, you'd never know you were ever pregnant!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Katie Beth is doing so good!! And I'm not a mommy but I have baby-sat a lot and have plenty of nieces and nephews, and the sleep thing will come I promise! You are such an awesome momma and I'm so proud of you!!!