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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Don't tell her she's a preemie"

Almost every time we talk to Dr. Owens, KB's neonatologist, that's what he says.  "Don't tell her she's a preemie.. She doesn't know!"  The first time he said that, and he explained how amazing it was that she never had to be placed on oxygen, I thought he was just being cute.  Turns out, he's kind of serious.  Katie Beth really has been our little miracle baby, and we didn't even realize it.

I didn't know a lot about preemies three weeks ago. I mean, why would I, right?  Katie Beth was born at 33 weeks and 2 days.  She should have been far closer to 4 pounds than 2 pounds, 11 ounces.  But since she hadn't grown in utero for three weeks, thats what we got.  Her size alone should have dictated the need for oxygen, but nope.  She came out breathing and screaming just like a 33 weeker should, despite her tiny size.  Amazingly, her lungs were perfectly formed even though we didn't have time for me to get steroid shots.

The next little miracle was that she was able to take a bottle on the second day.  Granted, she could only take 2 ml of milk, but still... Katie Beth has only been on a feeding tube for a total of 3 days since she's been here.  Those times were because she got worn out trying to take the bottle.  Now that she's stronger, she's eating like a little champ!  She's up to 45 ml of milk per feeding, and she's also starting to nurse.  She is still small for nursing, so that part is taking some work.

Thirdly, Katie Beth has only had one sleep apnea episode in the 17 days she's been here.  That's really impressive for such a small preemie.  Sometimes they just sort of forget to breathe while they are sleeping.  Sometimes they have to be put on oxygen if that happens, but KB didn't.  The nurse just had to sort of wake her up, and she was fine.  The consequence of having sleep apnea episodes is that it pushes back their go home date.  KB isn't getting ready to come home quite yet, but if she was and she were to have an episode, it would set her back 7 days.

There are a slew of other problems that most preemies have that KB has never experienced.  Most preemies have problems with reflux, and can't keep their milk down.  Not our Pumpkin.  Some preemies have seizures, and we've been so blessed that she hasn't.  This little girl really is our miracle baby, and we are so very proud.    Again, I want to thank everyone for the prayers and thoughts.  Jason and I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for us and for Katie Beth.


  1. I love that sweet miracle baby! And I love you! I don't think you give yourself enough credit. Yes, your baby is amazing, but YOU have been amazing, too. You've been so strong and held it together so well even though you were super sick, too. I'm so proud to call such a strong lady my BFF! You're going to be the most amazing mom!

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