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Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Starting Out

I want to be good about keeping this updated, but I guess we'll see whether or not that happens.  As of today, I'm 31 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  Katherine Elizabeth is due on 10/10/10, and we can't wait for her arrival.  The only down side to any of this is that Jason will likely be deployed when she gets here.  I'm terrified of giving birth alone, or even close to alone, so I've decided to go home to Mississippi soon.  I can fly on a Space A flight up until 34 weeks, so I'm going soon.  I'm going to miss Jason like crazy, but that never changes.  My heart hurts every single time he goes underway.

Sub Ball 2010 - 14 weeks pregnant

I've been blessed beyond measure to have such an uneventful pregnancy.  I knew I was pregnant really quickly - less than two weeks after conception.  I was so afraid for that first trimester, but all has been well.  Jason's boat, the USS City of Corpus Christi, was in Hawaii for maintenance for five months, so I went there to be with him.  I saw a doctor at Trippler Army Medical Center while I was there, and she had me do a Glucose Tolerance test at only 12 weeks because I'm overweight.  The first test came back high, so at 15 weeks I did the 3 hour GTT.  It came back normal, so I thought I was in the clear.

Katherine Elizabeth, 29 weeks 4 days

Turns out, I was wrong.  I had to retest at 28 weeks, and sure enough, I have Gestational Diabetes.  It's only been two weeks since I was diagnosed, but it hasn't been fun.  I have a serious sweet tooth, and more than a serious love for baked goods.  In the 11 days since my diagnosis, I've been so proud of myself!  I've only given in to serious temptation and had something sweet 4 times.  That may not be a big deal for most people, but for me, it's huge.  This is all not to mention the fact that I've been having to force myself to eat meat since the 3rd month.  All I want are carbs, so again, no fun.  What's really, really sad is that I get this huge sense of accomplishment when my numbers are below the limit.  Like I've done something really good by just not eating badly.. Pathetic.

31 weeks - August 7, 2010

So for now, my thoughts are centered around eating right and getting home.  Eating correctly during the transit to MS will not be easy, but I just won't sweat it.  I know I'll get back into a normal routine once I get there.  I can't wait to be with my family, even though leaving before Jason does will be one of the hardest things I do.  I'm packed and ready to go for the most part, just waiting on the right time.


  1. best wishes to you and hubby , plus the coming baby, Katherine Elizabeth..
    have a nice day...

  2. I can't wait for you to be home, and to see KB in person!! Also, I am so excited to add your blog to those I follow :)

  3. What a sweet way to start a blog. I'll be sure to add you to my Blog Reel. I miss you terribly, but this will help while you're away. Kisses.

  4. I'm glad you and KB will be home soon! Can't wait to see you!

  5. I will personally encourage you to keep this up, I love it! Just in case I haven't told you this week -- I am so proud of you! Momma loves you babygirl!