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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Just some random thoughts for tonight. 
#1 Nothing will scare the BEE-JEEZUS out of you like a tiny person, who has been in bed for an hour, sneaking up behind your couch and announcing "I have to tee-tee!!". Holy moly, did I jump up fast! Katie literally never leaves her bedroom at night. She opens her door to come get us in the mornings when she wakes up, but that is it. She has opened her door after bedtime a grand total of twice since we moved into this house 9 months ago! So you can just envision me sitting here playing Candy Crush, when a tiny sneaky little thing scared the crap out of me.. whew!

#2 I'm pretty sure my husband owes me breakfast for dinner, because he just does. Nothing sounds better to me right now than pancakes with real syrup. Obviously I'm hormonal.

#3 We skipped out on Worship Service this morning because I wasn't really feeling well.. My friend came to visit during Sunday School :( Anyway, I've been sitting around all day thinking how much I've missed it. I think the little dose of Jesus that I get from fellowship and praising God really helps me through the week. I'm sad we missed that this morning.

#4 Did y'all know Mark Harmon died? For you outside of Memphis, he's our weather guy. Or, the ABC weather man, anyway. I've never met him, but just watching him deliver the weather makes me think that he's a friendly guy. I'm really sorry to hear of his passing, and I'm praying for his family.

#5 Oh, I guess this little part could be an actual blog..... so there is something that was going to go here, but now I'm off to write the blog I should have written to begin with. So, I'm sorry for the babbling, but the real thing is up next!